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Kaijo’s New Phenix Hyper Ultrasonic Generator Provides Optimum Cleaning Results

September 21, 2017

Kaijo's New Phenix Hyper Ultrasonic Generator Provides Optimum Cleaning Results

Kaijo’s new Phenix Hyper ultrasonic cleaning generator along with the Hyper immersible transducer deliver improved cleaning performance using the latest ultrasonic technology. The generator can be used with the standard sweep frequency mode but also features the new Hyper mode that improves cleaning effectiveness with a uniform ultrasonic pattern that completely fills the process tank.

Typical ultrasonic controls are included in the generator’s standard functions and it can produce up to 1200 W output power. Its user-friendly operator interface makes process control transparent and an assortment of alarm, display and interlock functions ensure safe and reliable operation. Together with the Hyper immersible transducer, the new system helps avoid incomplete or non-uniform cleaning and reduces the possibility of surface damage to cleaned parts. Hyper mode allows finely tuned cleaning and removes small particles and deposits completely.


Phenix Hyper Ultrasonic Generator Features

Operating at 78 kHz and delivering adjustable output power up to 1200 watts, Kaijo’s Phenix Hyper ultrasonic cleaning generator incorporates advanced technology and a complete set of controls and alarms. Specific generator functions include:

  • Auto tuning – the generator automatically adjusts to changing process environments
  • Oscillation verification and alarm
  • Choice of standard sweep mode or advanced Hyper mode
  • Eight-level power adjustment through remote oscillation terminals
  • Remote interlock terminals


The new vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) shows operators key process variables, alarms and settings and allows control of the cleaning process. Output power is displayed in teal time and alarms displayed include upper output limit, lower output limit, transducer error, abnormal inner temperature, interlock alarm and six different types of memory error.


The ultrasonic generator provides the following characteristics:

  • Output 10 to 1200 Watts adjustable in 1 watt increments
  • Dimensions 350 x 440 x 165 mm, W x D x H, weight 11 kg
  • Power supply 200 to 240 V, single phase, 50/60 Hz, 12 A
  • Ambient 1 to 40 degrees C, 0-80 percent humidity (no condensation)


Working with the new Hyper immersible ultrasonic transducer, the system represents an easy-to-use turn-key solution for applications with an existing cleaning tank. The Hyper ultrasonic transducer is matched to the Phenix Hyper generator with a 78 kHz operating frequency and a 1200 W maximum power capacity. The transducer is made of a high polish stainless steel, weighs 17 kg and measures 365 x 280 x 100 mm. It is suitable for immersion in cleaning solutions up to 80 degrees C.


Phenix Hyper Generator and Transducer Benefits

The new ultrasonic cleaning generator and transducer set combines improved cleaning with easier operation and more reliable performance. Parts made from metal, ceramics and glass can be cleaned effectively on all sides, even when they have complex shapes with hard-to-reach places. The Hyper ultrasonic cleaning technology works wherever the cleaning solution can penetrate, removing fine contaminants quickly and completely throughout the cleaning tank.

Benefits of the new technology include:

  • The Hyper Mode achieves three-dimensional cleaning of complex shaped objects to insure all surfaces of irregular shaped objects are cleaned
  • Solutions to problems of poor or incomplete cleaning or surface damage to cleaned parts
  • Can be used with plain water or with mild detergents in cleaning solutions heated up to 80 degrees C
  • User-friendly interface is easy to use
  • The generator and transducer can be placed into service immediately in a turn-key configuration without a complicated installation and set-up


Kaijo can help customers with ultrasonic cleaning solutions and advise where the new Hyper technology would be appropriate. With extensive experience and unparalleled expertise in the ultrasonic field, Kaijo can evaluate a customer’s cleaning needs and make recommendations from its complete line of ultrasonic cleaning products, including those using the new Hyper technology.

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What a Multi Ultrasonic Frequency Generator Does and the Benefits It Offers

October 27, 2016

What a Multi Ultrasonic Frequency Generator Does and the Benefits It OffersManufacturing companies often have a variety of cleaning needs for a wide range of items. They may have to clean parts and components during or at the end of the manufacturing process or they may have to regularly clean tools. Incoming parts may have to be cleaned before use or containers before and after being filled. Using traditional cleaning methods, many cleaning systems, chemicals and scrubbers might have to be stored and used.

With ultrasonic cleaning, most of these cleaning applications can be carried out with one ultrasonic system. Even if the applications require different cleaning intensities and the removal of different contaminants, a multi-frequency ultrasonic generator may be an effective and cost saving solution.

Multi-Frequency Ultrasonic Generators

Ultrasonic cleaning systems rely on sound waves that create bubbles in the cleaning solution. The ultrasonic sound waves are produced by an ultrasonic frequency generator linked to transducers submerged in the cleaning liquid. Different frequencies and powers deliver varying cleaning intensities. The higher the frequency, the gentler the cleaning action while higher power delivers more bubbles and greater cleaning power. For varied cleaning applications a generator that can produce different frequencies and deliver different power levels can represent an ideal cleaning solution.

Such a multi-frequency ultrasonic generator should be able to produce low frequencies around 30 kHz for intensive cleaning of robust parts at high power levels as well as frequencies over 100 kHz for more gentle cleaning of delicate parts. Transducer arrays must be able to handle the complete range of frequencies without major refit or set-up work. Such systems are flexible enough to handle various cleaning applications using the same equipment and cleaning set-up.

The Kaijo Quava Multi Ultrasonic Generator

Kaijo Corporation has developed a complete range of ultrasonic frequency generators covering almost all cleaning applications. The company offers both turnkey systems and individual components ranging in frequency from 19.5 kHz to 950 kHz. For cleaning applications that require multiple frequencies due to a variety of parts that have to be cleaned, Kaijo can supply the Quava Multi generator in two versions.

Each version can generate three frequencies, with the lower range model producing 26/78/130 kHz and the higher range model producing 38/100/160 kHz. The models have an eight-step power output with a maximum of 600 W and both models work with an array of transducers that can handle all three frequencies.

This means that the cleaning system can switch frequencies and adjust power output as required without having to change transducers or the ultrasonic generator set-up. Different types of parts and devices with different cleaning requirements and varying cleaning intensities can be cleaned by the same system. The Quava Multi generator is flexible enough for remote control operators to adjust the cleaning process as required.

The Quava Ultrasonic Frequency Generator Features

The Quava Multi generator is designed for multiple cleaning applications with easy changeover from one cleaning task to another. The generator has four selectable oscillation modes and automatic frequency tracking. It features Soft Start and Soft Stop functions that can be controlled via an RS 485 port and monitored with a 0 to 5 V output or a 4 to 20 ma signal. The power supply is 200 to 240 V single phase 50/60 Hz and the current at maximum power is 10 A. At installation or for the replacement of a transducer array or a generator, no field calibration is required.

Kaijo’s multi ultrasonic frequency generator is the ideal solution to varied cleaning requirements in a manufacturing environment with diverse cleaning needs. Kaijo has designed a cost-effective system that is built with high-quality components to deliver excellent reliability and performance. If you would like a free consultation or quote on using ultrasonic technology to improve your cleaning processes call Kaijo or email [email protected].

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How Kaijo’s Ultrasonic Cleaning Generator Improves the Manufacturing Process

May 26, 2016

How Kaijo's Ultrasonic Cleaning Generator Improves the Manufacturing ProcessUltrasonic cleaning generators produce an electrical signal that transducers change into ultrasonic waves in the cleaning liquid. The waves produce cavitation bubbles that appear and collapse in time with the frequency of the ultrasonic generator. The collapse of the bubbles results in a powerful scrubbing action that removes surface contaminants from the parts to be cleaned. Ultrasonic technology is clean, environmentally friendly and often works more quickly and more effectively than other cleaning technologies. Small and mid-sized manufacturing plants and shops can improve their manufacturing process by converting to ultrasonic cleaning, achieving improved cleaning performance at reduced cost.

Cleaning Without Chemicals

Where other technologies produce effective cleaning with harsh chemicals, ultrasonic technology cleans with bubble action using no chemicals or only a benign detergent solution. The liquid baths can go to boiling temperatures so chemical additives are often not needed. Ultrasonic cleaning generators such as the Kaijo Phenix Legend Series can produce a wide range of frequencies to match any cleaning application.

Robust items such as machined parts, glass and ceramics can be cleaned at lower frequencies that deliver large bubbles with high cleaning energies and intensive cleaning action. Kaijo Phenix Legend models producing 38 kHz and 78 kHz fall into this category. Frequencies such as the 100 kHz, 130 kHz or 160 kHz produced by the higher frequency Phenix Legend models produce smaller bubbles with less energy and can be used for more delicate cleaning tasks. Fragile electronic components are often cleaned at these frequencies.

Cleaning with ultrasonic generators can improve the manufacturing process itself and reduce costs. Cleaning with the appropriate frequency delivers exactly the type of cleaning action required for a particular application and makes cleaning more effective. The reduction or elimination of chemical use is itself a substantial cost saving, but additional savings result from the elimination of costs associated with the storage, handling, neutralization and disposal of such chemicals.

Cleaning Irregular Parts

Cleaning parts with cavities or irregular surfaces is sometimes challenging. Chemicals often diffuse slowly into holes and mechanical cleaning can’t easily reach into deep crevices. Ultrasonic cleaning generators produce sound waves that are distributed throughout the cleaning tank. In this way bubbles and cleaning action are created even in hard to reach places. Parts are cleaned evenly and thoroughly, leaving no residues and giving an improved cleaning result.

Using Kaijo’s Water Resonance System with an ultrasonic cleaning generator will significantly enhance the clean power by conditioning the water. The system promotes a more even distribution of bubbles for an effective cleaning power that can approach five times that of cleaning systems without water resonance.

Cleaning Quickly at the Right Power

Unlike other cleaning technologies, ultrasonic cleaning generators can accurately control the cleaning power they deliver. The correct frequency gives the appropriate cleaning intensity but the generator power gives the cleaning power delivered to the cleaning solution. When operated at the right frequency and power for the particular cleaning job, ultrasonic cleaning generators often deliver excellent cleaning in a short time. Even tough jobs can take about 20 minutes and light cleaning can be carried out very quickly.

Kaijo’s Phenix Legend Ultrasonic cleaning generator can reduce cleaning time, clean more effectively and reduce costs when compared to other cleaning solutions. Small and mid-size manufacturing operations can get better process results and save money at the same time.

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