Ultrasonic Systems for Precise Cleaning Applications
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ultrasonic cleaning tank

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We can design custom ultrasonic components to fit almost any industry application.

Based on your processing parameters, Kaijo will customize an ultrasonic tank in regards to chemical compatibility, size, power/frequency and flow.

Kaijo has a vast portfolio of batch and single object cleaning technologies- Direct or indirect coupled transducers, various vibration plate materials, spot showers, water preparation, and full range of ultrasonic frequencies from which to choose.

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Ultrasonic cleaning with WRS

Kaijo’s experienced engineering team will work with you to determine the best choices for your cleaning process. Just let us know the object you wish to clean and we’ll do the rest. Special chemicals? No problem, we have a wide range of materials that our products can effectively clean. Unusual or very large object to be cleaned? Our Water Resonance System amplifies the ultrasonic cleaning effect in three dimensions with uniformly throughout even very large cleaning tanks.

Ultrasonic technology

Already have a cleaning system maker? We’ll work with your integrator or refer one of our partner manufacturing companies to insure proper design and installation. Whether your needs are a high frequency batch cleaning tool, a handheld spray tool or anything in between, let our engineers design a solution for you.


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