Ultrasonic Systems for Precise Cleaning Applications
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Ultrasonic generators produce and control the signals that allow the transducers to vibrate in the cleaning bath, resulting in the ultrasonic cleaning action. Typical ultrasonic generators can produce several frequencies or a range of frequencies according to cleaning action required by the application. Kaijo provides ultrasonic generators as part of a turn-key system or as separate stand-alone products. They are designed to work with Kaijo’s transducers that are built into tanks or separate immersible transducers. Three types of transducers are available that include tank bonded, bolt-in or immersable. Contact us for a free consutlation to discuss which system is the best choice for your application requirements.

Ultrasonic Generators: Quava

Ultrasonic Generators Quava

Quava High Power Ultrasonic Generator

The Quava High Power ultrasonic generator is a cost-effective solution providing powerful and precise cleaning with a range of frequencies and up to 1200 Watts of power. An internal CPU can receive output control commands from a host computer and send operational information.

The generator can be used for ten frequencies from 26 kHz and 950 kHz and features four selectable oscillation modes. It has automatic frequency tracking and does not have to be re-calibrated if the generator or a transducer is replaced. It runs on 200-240 V single phase and on 50/60 Hz.

Ultrasonic Frequency Generators: Quava Multi

Ultrasonic Generators Quava Multi

Quava Multi Ultrasonic Frequency Generator

Kaijo’s Quava Multi ultrasonic generator is designed for flexibility and has the capacity to change frequencies on-the-fly from the front panel or by remote control without changing transducers. One array of transducers can operate at three different frequencies without a reduction in efficiency. The generator includes all the functions of the Quava generator.

Two ranges that contain three frequencies are available. The generator delivers 600 Watts at either 26/78/130 kHz or at 38/100/160 kHz. The selectable frequencies together with the four oscillation modes provide improved cleaning for a wide variety of products.

Ultrasonic Generators: Quava Mini

Ultrasonic Generators Quava Mini

Quava Mini Ultrasonic Generator

The compact table-top Quava Mini ultrasonic generator is characterized by versatility, small size and precision control. Although output power is lower than for the larger units, it can be adjusted in small increments and features the widest frequency range of the Quava models. Optional software can provide automated control.

Power output is 50 or 100 Watts and is adjustable in steps of 0.1 Watts. Available frequency ranges are either in the ultrasonic range from 26 kHz to 160 kHz or megasonic range from 200 kHz to 950 kHz. Each generator can produce multiple frequencies and the transducers for a particular frequency can easily be changed. The power supply is 100 V to 240 V AC.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Generators: Phenix Hyper

ultrasonic cleaning generator phenix hyper

Ultrasonic Cleaning Generator Phenix Hyper

The Phenix Hyper system is our most advanced ultrasonic cleaning generator that consists of the Phenix Hyper and a static polished stainless steel transducer. The system may be used in standard sweep frequency output mode or the new Hyper mode which generates an extraordinarily uniform ultrasonic pattern that provides the most effective cleaning.

Industrial Ultrasonic Generators: Phenix+

industrial ultrasonic generator phenix+

Industrial Ultrasonic Generator Phenix+

Kaijo’s new Phenix+ industrial ultrasonic generator brings ultrasonic cleaning control to new level. The highly efficient Phenix+ produces up to 1200 watts of output power while consuming no more than 7 amps. Features include touch panel controls, automatic adjustment for the cleaning environment, and uniform ultrasonic wave distribution.

High Frequency Ultrasonic Generators: Phenix Legend II

high frequency ultrasonic cleaner Phenix Legend II

High Frequency Ultrasonic Generator Phenix Legend II

Kaijo’s new High Frequency Ultrasonic Generator the Phenix Legend II generator and transducer set is designed for precision cleaning applications. It is used for delicate or high precision applications such as the cleaning of hard disk media, flat panel glass, coated lenses, medical products, printed circuits boards or soft metals.

Selecting the Right Ultrasonic Generator and System for Your Application

Selecting the right ultrasonic generator and system for your application is key to obtaining effective cleaning. Typical items that are cleaned effectively at lower ultrasonic frequencies (26 kHz-38 kHz) include machined parts, glass, jewelry, wires and medical equipment. Midrange frequencies (78 kHz-160 kHz) can clean less robust parts and materials.  This includes hard disk drives, LCDs, solar panels, aluminum parts, and ceramic parts.  Higher end frequencies (450 kHz-950 kHz) provide more precise cleaning for delicate components. This includes electrical components, semiconductors, LEDs and delicate medical instruments.

In addition, Kaijo provides ultrasonic generators that can operate at various frequency ranges so that customers don’t need to purchase multiple products for different frequencies.  If you have any questions about which of our Ultrasonic generators and systems would be best to use for your specific application or want a quote, call us 408 675-5575 or email info@kaijo-shibuya.com.