Ultrasonic Systems for Precise Cleaning Applications
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Kaijo’s Industrial Ultrasonic Generator Phenix+

industrial ultrasonic generator

Kaijo’s new Phenix+ industrial ultrasonic generator brings ultrasonic cleaning control to new level. The highly efficient Phenix+ produces up to 1200 watts of output power while consuming no more than 7 amps of line power. Even the cooling fan is controlled to run only when needed. The high brightness LCD touch screen display allows a user to enter process parameters and monitor real time operations.

The Phenix+ generator’s compact size and lightweight make it prefect for system integration. To enhance precision cleaning and efficiency, a user may program the power level as well as the frequency sweep spread. High and low alarm settings are also available. The auto-tuning function is so sophisticated, a user can change the transducer array with no outside technical support. Simply plug in the new transducer array and run the auto tune function. The Phenix+ provides high quality and reliable industrial equipment at competitive pricing. Consult with a Kaijo representative to determine the optimum setup for your specific cleaning application, or for a quote, call 408 675-5575.




Touch Panel Control

Operations can be carried out using the touch panel

industrial ultrasonic generator touch panel control


Frequency Modulation Mode

Frequency modulation mode (FM mode) is a standard feature

frequency modulation mode


External Control Function

4 stage output control


Monitoring of Upper Limit/Lower Limit Output

output power control

Setting of upper limit / lower limit (Strict)
Advantage: Changes in the cleaning environment and in the characteristics of the transducer (aging, etc.) can be detected.

Disadvantage: when the fluctuation of the cleaning environment is large, it is mistakenly detected as an error.

Setting of upper limit / lower limit (Swiftly)
Advantage: It is possible to avoid the false detection of errors even when the cleaning environment changes considerably

Disadvantage: Changes in cleaning environment and transducer characteristics are difficult to find.

Operation of the Cooling Fan

cooling system control


Splashes of washing liquid etc. due to work tend to adhere to the front,
Increase the life of the cooling fan by sucking air from the bottom.

Power Supply

power supply control

Phenix+ Industrial Ultrasonic Generator Specifications

Series Name Phenix+
Model 74120 64120 73120 63120
Output Power 1200 watts 600 watts 1200 watts 600 watts
Frequency 38kHz ±15% 26kHz ±15%
Oscillation Type Standard PLL, Frequency Modulation, Fixed Frequency
Power Source AC200-240V, 1Φ, 10A, 50/60Hz
Remote Operation Closed contact-ON, 4-step Output (each oscillation mode), Alarm Signals
Display System Color Liquid Crystal / Touch Screen Display
External Dimensions in mm 335(W) × 350(D) × 165(H)
Weight 9.5kg

If you have any questions about the Phenix+ Industrial Ultrasonic Generator or need more information about using it for your cleaning application contact us for a free consultation or quote.