Ultrasonic Systems for Precise Cleaning Applications
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Megasonic cleaning systems operate beyond the usual range of ultrasonic cleaners, usually from 200 kHz to over 1 MHz. Due to the higher frequency, the cleaning bubbles from cavitations in the cleaning solution are smaller and less energetic but more numerous. Therefore the higher frequencies used in megasonic cleaning provide more gentle cleaning of fragile items and the removal of microscopic contaminants. Kaijo offers a full line of highly reliable Megasonic Cleaning systems and equipment for your specific cleaning requirements. If you have questions or need help with selecting the right product for your cleaning application, call us for a free consultation or quote at 408 675-5575 or email info@kaijo-shibuya.com.

Megasonic Cleaning Systems: Quava

Megasonic Cleaning Systems Quava

Quava Megasonic Cleaning System

Kaijo’s Megasonic Cleaning Systems include the Quava Megasonic state-of-the-art ultrasonic generator. One generator produces 1200 Watts of power with operating frequencies from 200 kHz to 950 kHz. Most importantly this system is especially effective in cleaning sub-micron particles from delicate parts and components. In addition, operators can use the system with any of Kaijo’s transducer arrays. Special features include: Soft Start / Soft Stop, Four output modes, No field calibration needed.



Megasonic Cleaning Systems: Quava Mini

Megasonic Cleaning Systems Quava-Mini

Quava Mini Megasonic Cleaning System

The Quava Mini Megasonic system can produce frequencies that range from 200 kHz to 1.6 MHz. It retains all the functions of the low frequency Quava Mini generator but is a turn-key solution with a set of transducers and tank included in the cleaning system. Operators can easily use the table top unit with single or multi frequencies to provide for the most precise cleaning applications.



Megasonic Cleaning Systems: Quava Spot Shower

Megasonic Cleaning System Quava-Spot-Shower

Quava Spot Shower Megasonic Cleaning System

Kaijo’s Quava Spot Shower is designed for superfine cleaning of delicate components including HDD media, Flat Panel Display glass and Semiconductor wafers. Users can direct high power acoustic energy to a spot from the end of the nozzle or from the side of the tube across an area of the surface. In addition users can operate the system at either 430 kHz or 950 kHz with the Kaijo Mega Tube nozzle.



Megasonic Cleaning Systems: Quava Mega Puck

Quava Mega Puck Megasonic Wafer Cleaning System

Quava Mega Puck Megasonic Cleaning System

Kaijo’s Quava Mega Puck Megasonic Cleaning System is designed for superfine cleaning of HDD Media, FPD glass, semiconductor wafers as well as Semiconductor processing components. The system allows the operator to direct high power acoustic energy or for scanning across large surfaces. The system can also be used with Spot Shower or Mega Tube nozzles.



Megasonic Cleaners: Mega Tube


Mega Tube Megasonic Cleaner

The Mega Tube Megasonic Cleaner allows an operator to focus Megasonic energy to a specific location or to uniformly clean large substrates. Three insonification methods can be provided which include tube tip, shower type and tube sidewall. The tube nozzle allows a user to direct megasonic energy to tight spaces without the need for transducer clearance.



Megasonic Cleaners: US Shower


US Shower Megasonic Cleaner

Kaijo’s US Shower is a high frequency ultrasonic cleaner designed specifically for cleaning flat panel glass in a conveyor tool. The US Shower Operates at 950 kHz to clean areas ranging from 330 mm to 660 mm or larger. The system allows users to effectively remove contaminants with a particle size of less than 0.2 micrometers.



Kaijo is a global manufacturer of Ultrasonic and Megasonic cleaning systems and a leading contributor in cleaning technology and research. If you have any questions about our products or need more information on using them for your application call us at 408 675-5575 or email info@kaijo-shibuya.com.