Ultrasonic Systems for Precise Cleaning Applications
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1mhz ultrasonic transducer

Kaijo provides a full line of transducers including the (950 kHz) 1 MHz Ultrasonic Transducer that is available in tank mounted bolt-on types to be used for direct and indirect configurations. The transducer provides effective superfine cleaning of submicron particles on delicate parts and components including flat panel display glass, HDD media, and semiconductor wafers.

Transducers produce sound waves within the liquid of a tank and will withstand the cavitations and immersion in the liquid at elevated temperatures. If large tanks are used several transducers can be setup in a multiple-transducer configuration to meet your requirements. For Megasonic applications at higher frequencies other products such as the Mega Tube or the US Shower systems can focus the cleaning action on just one spot, one side of the piece to be cleaned, or provide even cleaning action over a large surface. For custom cleaning applications, Kaijo specialists can suggest transducers and cleaning solutions from their wide portfolio of cleaning technologies.



1 MHz Ultrasonic Transducer Options: Bolt-On or Mounted

1mhz ultrasonic transducer bolt-on

Kaijo’s (950 kHz) 1 MHz Ultrasonic Transducer provides options for either having it mounted or bolted on to either the bottom or side of a selected ultrasonic tank. The bolt-on and mounted types use heavy metal plates which transmit the sound waves in the liquid of the tank. The transducers are designed to operate in liquids at temperatures up to 80 degrees C and will withstand the cavitations created during normal operation. For custom cleaning applications, consult with a Kaijo specialist on recommended cleaning solutions.

If you have any questions about using Kaijo’s (950 kHz)  1 MHz Ultrasonic Transducer or other products for your industrial cleaning application call us at 408 675-5575 or email info@kaijo-shibuya.com.