Ultrasonic Systems for Precise Cleaning Applications
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Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners and Equipment

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners in Lab

Kaijo primarily serves the needs of the industrial market since our systems are specifically designed and engineered to meet the challenging requirements of industrial cleaning applications. Our systems operate at frequencies that range from 19.5 kHz to 2 MHz and deliver high power ultrasonic energy to address the broad needs of industrial cleaning. We have an extensive product line of industrial ultrasonic cleaners and equipment that includes turnkey systems, integrated systems, individual components as well as customized systems to meet specific requirements. Kaijo has also been an industry leader in developing new innovations in ultrasonic cleaning technology to respond to the needs of the industrial market. In addition Kaijo’s in-house experts and excellent customer support will help analyze cleaning processes and propose effective solutions.

Turn-key Ultrasonic Systems

Turnkey ultrasonic cleaning systems consist of matched ultrasonic generators, transducers and cleaning tanks that are ready to be put into service and that meet specific requirements. Kaijo has the experience to assemble turnkey solutions that meet or surpass operating expectations.


Integrated Ultrasonic Systems

Integrated industrial cleaning systems have the ultrasonic transducer mounted on the cleaning tank and a matched generator ready to be plugged in and start cleaning. These units can be flexible with several frequencies or frequency ranges.


Stand-alone Ultrasonic Components

Kaijo also has a complete line of ultrasonic cleaning system components for customers who don’t need a complete system or who have existing equipment they want to use. Stand-alone generators and immersible or bolt-on transducers can be used with existing cleaning tanks and high-quality stand-alone tanks are also available.


Customized Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners

For special cleaning requirements, a custom built system may be required. Kaijo can customize their systems with special frequency ranges, dual frequencies, multiple ultrasonic transducers and specialized equipment such as a water resonance system. In each case, Kaijo can analyze the special requirements a customer has and design a custom solution.


Benefits of Using Kaijo’s Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic cleaners provide improved cleaning performance that can be used in many different kinds of industrial cleaning applications. Kaijo’s industrial ultrasonic cleaners specifically provide the following benefits:


For more information on why ultrasonic cleaners are used in industry read the following article:

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Kaijo’s Services and Consulting

With its experience in the field of ultrasonic cleaning and the company’s in-house expertise, Kaijo can consult and analyze any industrial parts cleaning process. They can then propose cleaning systems or components that satisfy the requirements. Based on the objects to be cleaned and the substances to be removed, Kaijo’s team of specialists can provide effective cleaning solutions. These can include using special solvents to remove specific contaminants rapidly, special tank sizes to accommodate large parts and custom designs for difficult applications.

Drawing from their extensive list of products, Kaijo can provide equipment for new or existing projects and follow up with support and service after commissioning. Specialized products such as the Water Resonance System, or batch cleaning tools are also available. As a consultant, Kaijo can work with existing suppliers to address specialized cleaning needs where required.


Industrial Cleaning Applications

Kaijo provides high performance industrial ultrasonic cleaners for many cleaning applications used in industry, but using the right combination of frequencies, power and configurations is needed for optimum results. Lower frequencies are used to remove tough grime from robust parts, such as heavy deposits on engine components. Mid-range frequencies are used for lighter contamination and can be used for all but the most delicate parts. Frequencies in the high kHz and MHz range are used for very light cleaning of fragile parts such as semiconductor micro structures.

Industrial cleaning applications supported by Kaijo include the following:


Advantages of Using Kaijo’s Systems

Using Kaijo to analyze cleaning requirements and following their recommendations for equipment has advantages over using other potential suppliers. Kaijo combines experience with in-house expertise and a full line of systems and products. This configuration produces the following advantages:

As a leader in the field of industrial ultrasonic cleaners and with more than 70 years of experience, Kaijo continues to innovate and improve their technology, products and systems to meet the needs of customers. Kaijo provides free consultation to help customers decide which ultrasonic products or system they need and will also ensure that the system they get performs as expected.


industrial ultrasonic cleaners -phenix turn key

Phenix III Turn Key Ultrasonic Cleaning System

This is a ready to use ultrasonic cleaning system. The complete system includes a stainless steel tank that is mounted with ultrasonic crystals and a Phenix III generator.

Ultrasonic Generators

Quava Ultrasonic Generator

Quava High Power Ultrasonic Generator

The Quava is our latest state-of-the-art in ultrasonic generator. It is one generator with operating frequencies from 26 kHz to 950 kHz. Special features include: Soft Start / Soft Stop, Four output modes, No field calibration needed. Ultrasonic Frequencies include 26 kHz, 38 kHz, 78 kHz, 100 kHz, 130 kHz, and 160 kHz.

Quava Multi Ultrasonic Generator

Quava Multi Ultrasonic Frequency Generator

The Quava Multi includes all the features of the Quava generator, plus it allows an operator to alternate three frequencies on the fly. Advanced system technology provides efficient oscillation with uniform cleaning for many applications. Ultrasonic Frequencies include 26 kHz, 78 kHz, 130 kHz or 38 kHz, 100 kHz and 160 kHz.

Quava Mini Ultrasonic Generator

Quava Mini Ultrasonic Generator

No job is too small for the Quava Mini ultrasonic system. This ready to use, table top unit is perfect for R & D use. Multiple frequencies available in one unit!

ultrasonic cleaning generator phenix hyper

Ultrasonic Cleaning Generators: Phenix Hyper

The Phenix Hyper system is our most advanced ultrasonic cleaning generator that consists of the Phenix Hyper and a static polished stainless steel transducer. Users can run the system in standard sweep frequency output mode or the new Hyper mode. Hyper mode generates an extraordinarily uniform ultrasonic pattern that provides the most effective cleaning.

Ultrasonic Parts Cleaners

Phenix III-Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner

Phenix III Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner

High reliability at a modest price! The Phenix III Ultrasonic Cleaner offers 26 kHz or 38 kHz fixed or sweep frequency operation.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks

ultrasonic cleaning tanks from Kaijo

Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks

Choose your ultrasonic cleaning tank/bath size, frequency and power level or contact us for custom sizes and options. Choose 26 kHz or 38 kHz, and 600 or 1200 watts.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Transducers

ultrasonic cleaning transducer 950khz-1mhz

950 kHz (1 Mhz) Ultrasonic Transducer

950 kHz (1 Mhz) Ultrasonic Transducer

The 950 kHz (1 MHz) Ultrasonic transducer provides superfine cleaning of sub-micron particles on delicate parts and components including semiconductor wafers, flat panel display glass and HDD media.

industrial ultrasonic cleaners -38khz-40khz ultrasonic transducer types

38 kHz (40 kHz) Ultrasonic Transducer

38 kHz (40 kHz) Ultrasonic Transducer

The 38 kHz (40 kHz) ultrasonic transducer is available in both 600 and 1200 Watt versions. It effectively cleans stains and large contaminants from machined parts, wires, lenses, glass, ceramics, and medical devices.

Immersible Ultrasonic Transducers

Ultrasonic Immersible Transducer

Ultrasonic Immersible Transducers

Any tank can become an ultrasonic tank with our drop-in style immersible ultrasonic transducer.

Kaijo is a global manufacturer of industrial ultrasonic cleaners and equipment and is a leading contributor to the use and innovation of ultrasonic cleaning technology. Whether you require a batch or piece-by-piece cleaning process, we can provide a solution that meets your unique cleaning requirements. If you have any questions about our products or want a free consultation on how ultrasonic products can be used for your specific application call 408 675-5575 or email [email protected]