Ultrasonic Systems for Precise Cleaning Applications
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Ultrasonic cleaning systems are made up of a generator, piezoelectric transducers and a process tank. Ultrasonic cleaning transducers are either immersible, bolt-on or mounted to the tank. The transducer is submerged in the liquid of the cleaning tank and is connected to an ultrasonic generator with a cable. As the electric ultrasonic frequency signal rises and falls, the transducer vibrates and generates compression waves within the cleaning liquid of the tank. These compression waves produce cavitation bubbles, which provide the power for ultrasonic cleaning. Transducers are manufactured to withstand the cavitation, immersion in the liquid and elevated temperature of the cleaning solution. For more information on ultrasonic transducers and how they are used refer to the following:


Immersible Ultrasonic Cleaning Transducers:

ultrasonic cleaning transducer low frequency model

Immersible transducers are independent units that can be connected to a generator via a cable and placed into a cleaning tank. Kaijo’s transducers can be connected to any model generator and inserted into an existing tank. The units can be placed into the tank horizontally or vertically. For larger tanks, several transducers can be arranged in a multiple-transducer configuration.


The transducers are available for a wide range of frequencies, from 26 kHz to 160 kHz. The lower frequencies are available in 600 and 1200 Watt versions while the higher frequencies have 1200 Watts. Lower frequencies are used in applications to provide powerful cleaning of stains and large contaminants. Higher frequencies remove micro-particles in a gentler cleaning action. Kaijo’s transducers will generate the exact measured frequency that is set on the generator it is used with.

Kaijo’s immersible transducers are enclosed in a hermetically sealed and polished 316L stainless steel housing. The heavy duty enclosure withstands cavitations and performance will not degrade over time. The rugged design and material provides high reliability even in the most demanding applications. They can operate in bath temperatures of up to 100 degrees Centigrade. A full range of bolt-in transducers is also available for various field applications.


Bolt-On or Mounted Ultrasonic Cleaning Transducers:

Bolt-On and mounted transducers are similar to immersible transducers but are attached to the bottom or sides of the tank. They are well suited for manufacturing and laboratory facilities that have clearly defined cleaning needs. Kaijo can recommend a configuration that will deliver top cleaning performance for a particular application. Tank size, number of transducers and the frequency can be optimized for specific cleaning requirements to deliver consistent cleaning results. Kaijo’s standard product line includes transducers ranging from 26 kHz up to 950 kHz. For custom cleaning applications, Kaijo can suggest transducers from a full line of cleaning technologies based on your requirements.

ultrasonic cleaning transducer 38khz-40khz model

Kaijo’s (38 kHz) 40 kHz Bolt-On Transducer

The (38 kHz) 40 kHz transducer includes the option of being mounted or bolted on to either the side or the bottom of a selected tank. The bolt-on and mounted configurations of the 40 kHz transducer will withstand cavitation during operation in the liquid of the cleaning solution at temperatures up to 100 degrees C. The heavy duty enclosure, rugged design along with the high grade material ensures high reliability even in the most demanding applications.

ultrasonic cleaning transducer 950khz-1mhz model
ultrasonic cleaning transducer bolt on type

(950 kHz)  1 MHz Bolt-On Transducers

To accommodate specific size requirements the (950 kHz) 1 MHz  bolt-on transducer can either be mounted or bolted onto the side or the bottom of a selected tank.  The bolt-on or mounted configurations can be used with any size tank.  They will withstand cavitation during operation in the liquid of the cleaning solution at elevated temperatures. The heavy duty enclosure, rugged design and quality material ensures high reliability for applications at megasonic frequencies.


Kaijo’s Experts Provide a Free Consultation

Whether you need immersible, mounted or fixed bolt-on transducers for your application, Kaijo’s experts can provide a custom solution that delivers the optimum level of performance and cleaning.  For a free quote or consultation to discuss which Ultrasonic Cleaning Transducers would work best for your industrial cleaning application call 408 675-5575 or email info@kaijo-shibuya.com.