Ultrasonic Systems for Precise Cleaning Applications
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Quava Megasonic Cleaning System

Megasonic Cleaning System -Quava

Kaijo’s new Quava Megasonic cleaning system generator is designed for powerful and precise cleaning of semiconductors, Flat Panel Displays, hard disk, and solar components. It meets high level manufacturing cleaning requirements by effectively removing sub-micron particles. Constant output is controllable with the digital display with upper and lower limit detector function. An internal CPU enables communication with a host computer to control output power as well as feedback of operational status. Advanced system technology provides efficient oscillation with uniform cleaning.

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Quava Megasonic Cleaning System Generator Rear View
Quava High Frequency Matchbox
Megasonic Cleaning System Bath

Quava Megasonic Cleaning System Generator Specifications

30110 (QR-003)
1.0 to 100 watts
Output Adjustment
0.1 watt intervals
Oscillation Mode
PLL mode, A mode
Frequency Control
Automatic Tracking PLL system
Power Source
AC100-240v ±10%, 50/60Hz, Ø1
Output Display
7-segment digital display in 4 digits
Remote Terminal, RS-485, DeviceNet
(WxDxH) in mm
218 x 258 x 138

*The Quava generator can be used for a wide frequency range. Simply exchange the matchbox drawer and the unit is ready to connect to the next transducer array.

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