Ultrasonic Systems for Precise Cleaning Applications
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Kaijo’s Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems combine advanced technology with ease of use and flexibility to deliver unparalleled value. A complete range of systems operating at frequencies from low ultrasonic at 19.5 kHz up to megasonic at 1.6 MHz and delivering up to 1200 W of power are available to meet the requirements of any industrial cleaning application. Turn key systems include everything needed for a complete cleaning solution.

Ultrasonic cleaning systems in the low range frequencies such as the Phenix III provide powerful general purpose cleaning. The Phenix III systems operate at 26 kHz and 38 kHz and are available in 600 Watt and 1200 Watt models. They are suitable for cleaning hard disk drive components, metals and glass.

Systems that can operate at higher ultrasonic frequencies, such as the Quava Mini, are used for the cleaning of more fragile components. Typical applications are the cleaning of hard disk drive media, delicate machined parts and solar cells. The higher frequencies create smaller cleaning bubbles from the cavitation effects of the sound waves. This creates a more gentle and precise cleaning action.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems: Features and Benefits

The Phenix III turn key system provides features and benefits typical of all Kaijo Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems including:

Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems: Phenix III Turn Key System

ultrasonic cleaning systems

This ready to use turn-key Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems includes a stainless steel tank that is mounted with ultrasonic crystals along with the Phenix III generator. It operates at either 26 kHz or 38 kHz with 1200 Watts of power.  This system provides effective cleaning with less noise and no erosion.

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