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What a Multi Ultrasonic Frequency Generator Does and the Benefits It Offers

October 27, 2016

What a Multi Ultrasonic Frequency Generator Does and the Benefits It OffersManufacturing companies often have a variety of cleaning needs for a wide range of items. They may need to clean parts and components during or at the end of the manufacturing process.  In addition they may need to regularly clean their manufacturing tools and equipment. Parts need to be cleaned before use or containers before and after being filled. With traditional cleaning methods, many cleaning systems, chemicals and scrubbers have to be used and stored.

With ultrasonic cleaning, most of these cleaning applications can be carried out with one ultrasonic system. Even if the applications require different cleaning intensities and the removal of different contaminants, a multi-frequency ultrasonic generator may be an effective and cost saving solution.

Multi-Frequency Ultrasonic Generators

Ultrasonic cleaning systems rely on sound waves that create bubbles in the cleaning solution. The ultrasonic sound waves are produced by an ultrasonic frequency generator linked to transducers submerged in the cleaning liquid. Different frequencies and powers deliver varying cleaning intensities. The higher the frequency, the gentler the cleaning action while higher power delivers more bubbles and greater cleaning power. For varied cleaning applications a generator that produces different frequencies and delivers different power levels is an ideal cleaning solution.

Such a multi-frequency ultrasonic generator should be able to produce low frequencies around 30 kHz for intensive cleaning of robust parts at high power levels as well as frequencies over 100 kHz for more gentle cleaning of delicate parts. Transducer arrays must be able to handle the complete range of frequencies without major refit or set-up work. Such systems are flexible enough to handle various cleaning applications using the same equipment and cleaning set-up.

Kaijo’s Quava Multi Ultrasonic Generator

Kaijo Corporation has developed a complete range of ultrasonic frequency generators covering almost all cleaning applications. The company offers both turnkey systems and individual components ranging in frequency from 19.5 kHz to 950 kHz. For cleaning applications that require multiple frequencies for various parts, Kaijo offers two versions of the Quava Multi generator.

Each version can generate three frequencies, with the lower range model producing 26/78/130 kHz and the higher range model producing 38/100/160 kHz. The models have an eight-step power output with a maximum power 600 W. Both models work with an array of transducers that can accommodate all three frequencies.

This means the system can switch frequencies and adjust power output without having to change transducers or the ultrasonic generator set-up. Different types of parts and devices with different cleaning requirements and cleaning intensities can be cleaned by the same system. The Quava Multi generator is flexible enough for remote control operators to adjust the cleaning process as required.

The Features of the Quava Ultrasonic Frequency Generator

The Quava Multi generator is designed for multiple cleaning applications with easy changeover from one cleaning task to another. The generator has four selectable oscillation modes and automatic frequency tracking. It features Soft Start and Soft Stop functions that can be controlled via an RS 485 port and monitored with a 0 to 5 V output or a 4 to 20 ma signal. The power supply is 200 to 240 V single phase 50/60 Hz and the current at maximum power is 10 A. No field calibration is required during installation or when a transducer array or a generator is replaced.

Kaijo’s multi ultrasonic frequency generator is the ideal solution to varied cleaning requirements in a manufacturing environment with diverse cleaning needs. Kaijo provides a cost-effective system that is built with high-quality components that delivers excellent reliability and performance. If you would like a free consultation or quote on using ultrasonic technology to improve your cleaning processes call Kaijo or email info@kaijo-shibuya.com.