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Ultrasonic Parts Cleaners: Kaijo Phenix III Generator Series

ultrasonic parts cleaners -kaijo phenix III generator series

The Phenix III generator series is Kaijo’s most cost effective line of industrial ultrasonic parts cleaners. They provide high reliability and effective cleaning at a modest price, and can be used in sweep or fixed frequency modes. Generator models provide 600 or 1200 watts of power at either 26 kHz or 38 kHz. Power output control function and alarm interlock control terminals are standard. Automatic tuning functionality is also provided. This allows the system to maintain output when the transducer or the cleaning environment is changed. The system can be used in wide variety of industrial cleaning applications that include machined parts, glass, lenses, medical devices and ceramics. If you have questions about the product for your application or want a free consultation or quote, call 408 675-5575.



ultrasonic parts cleaner -phenix III 26kHz 1200 watts generator

26 kHz 1200 Watts Generator

phenix III 26kHz 600 watts generator

26 kHz 600 Watts Generator

phenix III 38kHz 1200 watts generator

38 kHz 1200 Watts Generator

phenix III 38kHz 600 watts generator

38 kHz 600 Watts Generator


Ultrasonic Parts Cleaners: Phenix III Specifications

Generator Model
Max Output Power
26 kHz+-15%
38 kHz+-15%
26 kHz+-15%
38 kHz+-15%
Normal/AFS (Automatic Frequency Sweep) / FFS (Fixed Frequency Selection)
Adjusted Output
10 Step Switch (external Control Available)
10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, 100%
Power Source
Single Phase 50/60 Hz
AC200V, AC208V, AC230V, AC240V (Selectable)
Ambient Temperature
0 – 40 Deg C
0-80%(No condensation)
Remote Terminal, Interlock Terminal, Alarm Terminal, Ready Terminal, Go Terminal
Outer Dimensions
350 (W) x 440 (D) x 165 (H)
10 kg

If you have any questions about using Kaijo’s Ultrasonic Parts Cleaners or need more information on which products can be used for your specific application contact us for a free quote or consultation 408 675-5575 or email info@kaijo-shibuya.com .