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Why Ultrasonic ‘Frequency Sweep’ Is the Best Solution for Cleaning Aluminum Parts

June 20, 2023

Aluminum parts are often difficult to clean quickly and completely because the metal is comparatively soft and aluminum is chemically reactive. Traditional cleaning methods, such as brushing and scraping, can damage the soft surface of aluminum parts. Soaking can dissolve some of the aluminum if the soaking solution contains chemicals that react with aluminum. Switching […]

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Ultrasonic Cleaning for Automotive Parts: Improving Efficiency and Quality

June 6, 2023

With the right ultrasonic cleaner, contamination can be removed from all types of automotive parts. The ultrasonic systems work more quickly than traditional methods and deliver completely clean parts, even for difficult cleaning applications. The manufacturing, repair, and restoration processes become more efficient, increasing output quality. Switching to ultrasonic cleaning reduces costs and improves overall […]

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