Ultrasonic Systems for Precise Cleaning Applications
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Can an Ultrasonic Cleaner Effectively Clean Aluminum Engine Parts?

March 23, 2021

Because aluminum is a highly reactive metal with comparatively soft surfaces, cleaning with an ultrasonic system has to be carefully adapted to the parts to be cleaned and their contaminants. For automotive parts made from hard metals such as steel or cast iron, low-frequency ultrasonic cleaners operating at 19.5 kHz or 26 kHz can deliver […]

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Why Ultrasonic Cleaners are Used by Food and Drug Companies

March 9, 2021

When equipment used in the food and drug industries has to be cleaned, the need for effective and complete cleanliness runs into the requirement to avoid contamination with aggressive and toxic cleaners. Strong cleaning agents and chemicals can easily clean food and drug residues from processing equipment but they can leave harmful traces that then […]

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