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The Benefits Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners Offer over Traditional Industrial Cleaning Methods

October 19, 2016

The Benefits Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners Offer over Traditional Industrial Cleaning MethodsMany manufacturing facilities have processes that require the cleaning of a wide variety of parts and devices. Traditional cleaning methods involve harsh chemicals and mechanical scrubbing, but environmental regulations make such processes less attractive. Parts that have complex shapes and crevices are hard to clean and traditional cleaning can be time-consuming.

The use of industrial ultrasonic cleaners as an alternative to traditional methods has become more widely accepted. Such cleaners are quick and effective with low operating costs. As companies become familiar with the technology and the benefits it provides, they often decide to try ultrasonic solutions for some of their more challenging cleaning applications and eventually switch over to the new technology for almost all their cleaning needs.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning systems are made up of an ultrasonic generator, transducers and a container for holding the cleaning solution and the parts to be cleaned. The generator produces a high-frequency acoustic signal to power the transducers. The sound waves produced by the transducers in the cleaning solution create bubbles that provide the cleaning effect. Lower frequencies produce energetic bubbles with a robust cleaning action but they can damage the surface of delicate parts. Higher frequencies produce smaller bubbles with more gentle cleaning. It is important to choose the right frequency and system power for a particular cleaning application.

When the right industrial ultrasonic cleaner is used to replace a traditional system, parts and devices can often be cleaned more effectively. Ultrasonic systems can work in plain water or with mild solvents so the manufacturing facility can save the cost of chemicals and the cost of their disposal. If the company supports positive environmental policies, such a change is also desirable.

Ultrasonic systems work quickly so there may be savings in the time spent on cleaning. The systems are especially advantageous when traditional systems require mechanical scrubbing or when delicate parts are heavily contaminated and have to be cleaned. Working with different frequencies, system powers and cleaning solutions can satisfy most cleaning requirements.

Kaijo Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

Ultrasonic cleaning system provider Kaijo Corporation is at the leading edge of advanced ultrasonic technology. Kaijo’s industrial ultrasonic cleaners emphasize ease of use and flexibility to meet the needs of a variety of cleaning applications. The system can deliver high power at frequencies between 19.5kHz and 1.6MHz.

Low frequency systems operating at up to 38 kHz can provide strong and robust cleaning for parts and devices such as glass, ceramics, lenses, medical devices and machined parts. The Kaijo Phenix III turnkey ultrasonic cleaning system can operate at 26 or 38 kHz and can deliver 600 or 1200 Watts of power. It comes complete with an ultrasonic generator and a stainless steel tank that has transducer crystals built in.

For higher cleaning frequencies Kaijo has a wide variety of systems and equipment for many different applications. The Phenix Legend ultrasonic generators handle frequencies up to 160 kHz and the Quava generators can operate at up to 950 kHz. These higher frequencies deliver gentler cleaning for more delicate parts. Components such as hard disk drives, LCDs, solar panels and aluminum parts often require more gentle cleaning while items such as electrical components, semiconductors, LEDs and some medical instruments are the most delicate and require the highest frequencies.

Kaijo can supply complete industrial ultrasonic cleaning systems or components to work with existing cleaning installations. While manufacturers may want to replace small traditional cleaning units with a turnkey ultrasonic system, it may be more cost-effective to add a generator and transducers to an existing cleaning tank for other systems. Kaijo can work with customers to help with their transition to ultrasonic cleaning and make sure they install the best combination of components, systems and frequency/power configurations to match their requirements. The result can be reduced costs and improved overall performance of the manufacturing facility. If you would like a free consultation or quote on using ultrasonic cleaning technology in your cleaning process call Kaijo or email info@kaijo-shibuya.com.