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3 Big Cost Savings Benefits of Using Ultrasonic Cleaners Vs. Spray Washers

November 8, 2017

From delicate medical equipment to machine parts, there is very little 3 big cost savings benefits of using ultrasonic cleaners vs spray washersin the world of industrial cleaning where ultrasonic cleaners do not excel, often leaving conventional cleaning methods behind. Making use of sonic waves at frequencies as high as 400 kHz to create and implode millions of bubbles on surfaces that need work, ultrasonic cleaning forms microscopic areas of high cavitation pressure, and momentary bursts of heat at temperatures as high as 5,000° C. These actions create cleaning forces that are both powerful and gentle at the same time. From lime scale and rust to fungus and dried bodily fluids, ultrasonic cleaning is far and away the most efficient and cost-effective way to clean practically any surface.

If you’re a business owner considering a cleaning solution, however, you’re possibly very interested in the latter part of this argument: the one to do with cost-effectiveness. Can a tool as efficient and as high-tech really be cost-effective? How exactly does the cost-effectiveness come about?

You save on materials

Depending on the cleaning task on hand, regular high-pressure spray washers require a great deal of chemical help to get much done. The pressure of the water or other liquid is usually insufficient when it comes to loosening hard stains. Not only are the chemical agents expensive, however, workers often need protective equipment, and articles cleaned can sustain some damage.

These concerns do not exist with ultrasonic cleaners. Cleaning with high-frequency pressure waves does not require chemical action to loosen dirt up. Certainly, a mild detergent solution may be used when you use ultrasonic cleaners — it helps move loosened dirt away from the surface; it tends to be inexpensive, however.

Best of all, with the need for powerful chemicals absent, there’s far less expense made complying with environmental regulations to do with safe disposal.

You save on labor costs

One of the greatest benefits to choosing ultrasonic cleaners over pressure washers appears the form of savings in time and effort expended. The ultrasonic waves generated by these cleaners do not need to be directly aimed at surfaces to be cleaned, no matter how hidden they may be. They get into every part of the work that you need cleaned, no matter how small, inconveniently shaped, or hidden. This means that workers spend less time getting into nooks and crannies. Work becomes cleaner with little effort. With faster cleaning made possible, you get greater productivity out of your labor force.

You save on maintenance

Conventional spray washers can need plenty of energy to operate, and careful, and expensive maintenance. They come with high-pressure pumps, hoses and nozzles. Moving parts don’t last forever. Motors, washers, joints and other parts frequently wear out. If there are toxic chemicals used, you need to take preventive maintenance to make sure that these chemicals cannot get to places where they can cause harm in the event of a leak. Ultrasonic cleaning, on the other hand, simply works. These models come with no moving parts — all you have is an ultrasonic transducer, and a bath of liquid. These models keep working forever.

Work with the best in the business

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