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5 Essential Reasons to Use an Ultrasonic Cleaning System

February 21, 2023

5 Essential Reasons to Use an Ultrasonic Cleaning SystemThe maintenance of machinery, tools and components is essential in any industrial setting. This includes meeting high standards of cleanliness for every item. Traditional industrial cleaning methods often require harsh chemicals or strong detergents, usually with plenty of abrasive scrubbing effort. Both of which can turn routine cleaning into expensive and time-consuming activities. Ultrasonic industrial cleaning is different. It cleans parts and components in a simple, non-hazardous fluid that is agitated by inaudible sound waves to dislodge dirt particles. It can clean all kinds of industrial equipment quickly and efficiently. Here are five ways an ultrasonic system could improve and streamline your industrial cleaning operations.

  1. Reliable, Consistent Cleaning of Difficult Items

Industrial ultrasonic cleaners deliver reliable cleaning of all kinds of objects, effectively decontaminating areas that traditional methods can’t easily reach, such as small holes, joints and cavities. Any part of an item in contact with the cleaning solution will be reliably cleaned, unlike other methods where results cannot be guaranteed without a visual inspection. What’s more, the frequency of the ultrasound waves can be adapted to suit parts made of different materials with different types of contaminants, creating a single system suitable for multiple applications.

  1. Easy to Use

An ultrasonic cleaning system doesn’t rely on complicated mixtures of chemicals to do its work. This eliminates the need to make up the solution, handle it carefully, and dispose of it safely. There’s no need to leave items to soak in the cleaning solution, no need to change a chemical bath between items, and no need for heavy scrubbing that can damage more sensitive components. With ultrasonic cleaning, you can place the items in the cleaning tank, activate the ultrasonic system and it removes the surface contamination in a matter of minutes.

  1. Precision Cleaning with No Damage

Ultrasonic cleaners can be used on almost any scale, from large pieces of metal sheeting to precision cleaning of delicate parts. The lack of harsh chemicals or the need for abrasive scrubbing means ultrasonic systems can clean components without causing any damage to underlying surfaces, thus extending the life of your hardware.

  1. Greater Cleaning Speed and Efficiency

Ultrasonic cleaning is vastly quicker and more efficient than traditional methods. The same equipment and process can be used on many different types of parts without the need to tailor the chemical mixes to each application. The same cleaning tank can be used for successive cleaning sessions with virtually no change over time, and the accumulated debris can be easily flushed away whenever necessary. An ultrasonic cleaning’s efficient speed provides another vital advantage. Downtime at your facility is kept to a minimum, saving on resources, in contrast to taking equipment offline for extended periods whenever they need cleaning.

  1. Improved Safety

Traditional cleaning methods can involve harsh chemicals, physical pressure or both, which contain a degree of danger even when risks are identified and minimized. Accidents involving chemicals or high-pressure water jets can seriously injure the operator, and fully addressing safety concerns can dramatically raise the costs and inconvenience of industrial cleaning. By contrast, ultrasonic cleaning works mainly with regular water, sometimes with a mild detergent added and uses no moving parts or pressurized processes to dislodge the contaminants, thereby improving safety on every level.

Kaijo Provides Expert Help and Advice to Customers

Despite the apparent simplicity and ease of use of industrial ultrasonic cleaners, selecting the right system, frequency, and overall system configuration must be carefully considered. Kaijo provides expert help and advice to set up an effective ultrasonic cleaning system to suit your precise needs.  Using Kaijo’s ultrasonic systems removes the complexity, excessive downtime, and safety concerns from your industrial cleaning operations.