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Advanced Ultrasonic Cleaning Through Waveform Optimization

July 19, 2022

While choosing the correct frequency for an ultrasonic cleaning application remains important, some parts can be difficult to clean well. Parts may be made of different materials, have complex shapes, or the contaminants may adhere strongly to the part surfaces. Some parts have large, heavy masses with thin, fragile arms while others have microscopic structures such as those in medical devices or semiconductors.

Such parts may take a long time to clean or they may not be cleaned completely using normal ultrasonic cleaning operation with standard waveforms. Advanced ultrasonic generators can change the amplitudes, frequencies, and shapes of the ultrasonic waves to optimize cleaning performance and meet the challenge of hard-to-clean parts.

The Phenix+ Ultrasonic Generator Uses Frequency and Amplitude Modulation

Kaijo’s Phenix+ generator operates in the lower frequency ranges of 26kHz and 38kHz. It has three operating modes that include normal, frequency modulated (FM), and amplitude modulated (AM). These modes adapt cleaning performance based on the nature of the parts to be cleaned. The lower frequencies mean that the generator is suited for rugged parts with heavy contamination and that it delivers rapid, aggressive cleaning.

In normal mode, the generator produces a powerful and clean waveform that is stabilized with auto-tuning for consistency. For extra cleaning power, FM mode delivers a strong leading edge wave form. FM mode is programmable and its effects in the cleaning bath can be seen and heard. For parts that require especially even cleaning, AM mode ensures that the energy distribution in the cleaning tank is completely uniform. While normal mode is adequate for many cleaning applications, the FM and AM modes give operators additional flexibility to respond to special cleaning requirements.


The Phenix Hyper Generator Uses Auto-Calibration at a Higher Frequency

The Phenix Hyper ultrasonic cleaning generator operates at 78kHz to deliver less aggressive cleaning for parts with soft surfaces. In normal mode, the generator produces an auto-tuned, auto-calibrated wave that cleans softer materials such as aluminum and ceramics quickly and effectively without surface pitting or other damage. Parts with complex three-dimensional shapes are often hard to clean because some surfaces may receive more cavitation energy than others. In hyper mode, the generator produces a digital swept waveform that helps with three-dimensional cleaning, ensuring cavitation energy fills the cleaning tank evenly.

With its gentler cleaning action and advanced hyper mode, the Phenix Hyper generators can deliver effective cleaning for a wide range of cleaning applications. In hyper mode, the ultrasonic generators can remove very small contaminating particles from complex three-dimensional shapes such as machined parts and precision instruments. The auto-tuning adjusts for changes in the cleaning bath and the even distribution of cavitation energy makes the Phenix Hyper generators the best choice for three-dimensional cleaning.

The Water Resonance System Treats Water to Increase Cavitation Energy

Kaijo’s Water Resonance System (WRS) removes dissolved gas from the cleaning solution. Bubbles resulting from dissolved gas can be the wrong size and can attenuate the ultrasonic signal once the transducer has converted it to sound waves in the cleaning tank. Ultrasonic cleaning systems using WRS can achieve an increase in cavitation energy of up to five hundred percent compared to standard ultrasonic cleaning.

The benefits of higher cavitation energy include a more intensive cleaning action without damaging the surfaces of the parts to be cleaned. Ultrasonic systems with WRS can replace cleaning systems that use dangerous acids or flammable solvents to remove contaminants from parts to be cleaned. These chemicals are expensive to buy, store, handle, and discard. Avoiding their use with WRS-enhanced ultrasonic cleaners results in safer working conditions for employees who are no longer exposed to toxic fumes.


Expert Guidance on Using the Right System to Meet Your Requirements

Based on extensive experience with ultrasonic cleaning technology, Kaijo provides expert guidance for customers on using the right systems to meet their cleaning requirements. This includes selecting the right frequency, waveform, use of the WRS, and replacing chemical-based systems. Kaijo offers a free consultation and will show customers how to improve ultrasonic cleaning performance with waveform optimization.