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Automotive Racing Clients Use Ultrasonic Cleaners to Optimize Performance

January 11, 2021

Automotive Racing Clients Use Ultrasonic Cleaners to Optimize PerformanceWhen racing car engines need to be maintained to provide peak performance, automotive ultrasonic cleaners deliver superior cleaning performance for engine parts prior to re-installation. For auto racing, components such as pistons, engine heads, differentials, transmissions and coolers have to be kept free of carbon deposits, solidified grease and other contaminants. Engines and drive trains work better when key parts are completely clean. To get the best results for upcoming races, ultrasonic cleaners remove contamination and keep cars in shape for optimal racing performance.

How Automotive Ultrasonic Cleaners Remove Deposits and Contamination

Ultrasonic cleaners remove deposits from racing car parts through the use of tiny cavitation bubbles generated by the ultrasonic waves. Ultrasonic cleaning systems generate high-frequency sound waves in the cleaning tanks. The ultrasonic waves create the microscopic cavitation bubbles throughout the cleaning solution. When the bubbles collapse in time with the ultrasonic frequency, they produce small but energetic jets that dislodge contaminants from the surfaces of the automotive parts. The ultrasonic cleaners remove contaminants more rapidly and more completely than traditional cleaning methods.

Advantages of Using Ultrasonic Cleaners for Automotive Racing

Traditional cleaning methods for servicing racing cars, cleaning damaged parts and re-building blown engines involve soaking parts in solvents, cleaning with rags, and a lot of manual brushing. Even before damaged parts can be repaired, parts must have carbon deposits removed and grease wiped away. Other parts just need removal of contaminating deposits and films to allow optimal operation. Typically carbon deposits must be scraped off pistons, valves and cylinder blocks. Grease, oil and grime must be cleaned from crankshafts, harmonic lifters, cylinder brackets, and timing sets. Other engine, transmission and differential components may need cleaning as well.

Automotive ultrasonic cleaners can handle all these cleaning tasks and carry them out more quickly than cleaning with solvents and brushes. The bubbles produced by ultrasonic wave action appear wherever cleaning solution is present, even inside interior cavities or in dead end holes. This feature is especially important for cleaning inside coolers and inside interior engine compartments. When interior spaces contain engine fragments or media from removing heavy deposits with bead blasters, ultrasonic cleaners can clean the internal surfaces, making it possible to flush out debris.

Tough deposits can be removed even more quickly by heating the cleaning solution, and mild detergents speed up the removal of oil and grease. Ultrasonic cleaning removes contaminants down to the original surfaces, cleaning completely and eliminating subsequent manual scrubbing to remove the final stubborn traces.

When traditional cleaning methods are replaced by ultrasonic cleaning, cleaning times are reduced and sop personnel avoid having to spend hours manually removing hard-to-clean materials. With solvents and other cleaning materials no longer needed, costs for servicing the racing cars are reduced. More importantly, racing car performance is better when serviced parts are completely clean. Ultrasonic cleaning delivers superior cleaning in less time at lower cost.

Kaijo Can Offer Customized Automotive Cleaners from its Complete Product Line

As a leading manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning systems, Kaijo can offer products from its complete line of ultrasonic cleaners and related equipment. For racing teams that want to add to the capabilities of existing shops, individual ultrasonic generators and transducers can be installed in existing tanks or added to existing cleaning systems. For completely new installations, turnkey ultrasonic cleaning systems are a good solution while individual products such as cleaning tanks can be adapted to the special needs of customers.

Because Kaijo design and build their own equipment, the company can customize ultrasonic cleaning systems for specialized applications. System size, frequency and power can be selected to fulfill specific racing team needs. Kaijo offers free consultation and can advise racing team customers on the best systems for their applications.