Ultrasonic Systems for Precise Cleaning Applications
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How High Power Ultrasonic Generators Provide Precise Cleaning for Industry Applications

April 20, 2016

How High Power Ultrasonic Generators Provide Precise Cleaning for Industry ApplicationsHigh power ultrasonic generators are especially versatile because they can clean a wide variety of materials, covering a range from high-frequency gentle cleaning action to more robust cleaning at lower frequencies. At the same time cleaning intensity can be controlled up to high levels. This means that a high power ultrasonic generator such as the Kaijo Quava can be used in manufacturing operations that require precision cleaning of many different parts and components. These units deliver cost-effective and easy-to-use cleaning performance with the capacity for adjustment to particular and varied cleaning requirements.

Providing Appropriate Cleaning Functionality

Parts such as medical tools, circuit boards and ceramic components can withstand robust cleaning and may have tough contaminants adhering to their surfaces. Low frequency cleaning at 26 kHz or 38 kHz generates comparatively large cavitation bubbles that release high energy when they collapse. Cleaning systems operating at these frequencies remove stubborn impurities from the surface of the parts to be cleaned but the parts themselves must be adequately rigid and stable.

Higher frequencies, in the 100 kHz range, create smaller bubbles and the energy applied to component surfaces is lower. This means that the cleaning action is suitable for more vulnerable surfaces. Hard disk drive components, optical parts and delicate electronics may need such a gentler approach to cleaning.

The highest cleaning frequencies, 750 kHz and 950 kHz, are reserved for extremely delicate parts, such a finely machined components or semiconductors. Cleaning is precise but less energetic than at lower frequencies. Parts may take longer to clean but the ultrasonic action is very gentle to protect the integrity of the delicate part.

In addition to varying the frequency, an effective high power ultrasonic generator can vary the power delivered to the cleaning solution. While changing the frequency changes the size of the cavitation bubbles that deliver the cleaning action, increasing the power increases the number of bubbles and therefore the intensity of the cleaning process. High power ultrasonic generators such as the Quava can deliver power up to 1200 W. High power capacity gives operators the flexibility to adjust both cleaning bubble energy and delivered power to match the requirements of the particular application.

Benefits of the Kaijo Quava High Power Ultrasonic Generator

A high power unit able to generate a wide range of frequencies delivers the precision and flexibility essential in a manufacturing operation that has varied cleaning requirements. The ultrasonic generator has to be able to adapt to all kinds of cleaning applications without requiring major modifications in the unit or changes in the set-up. The unit must deliver the selected power and the set frequency reliably and accurately to ensure uniform and effective cleaning performance.

The Quava generator satisfies these requirements by being able to produce ten distinct frequencies from 26 kHz to 950 kHz at up to 1200 W. The same generator may be used for all ten frequencies and no field calibration is required when a transducer is changed. The delivered power and frequency are monitored and may be controlled remotely. The Quava high power ultrasonic generator is ideal for a manufacturing environment requiring a versatile ultrasonic cleaning unit.