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How Custom-Designed Ultrasonic Cleaners Meet Medical Industry Needs

December 6, 2022

How Custom-Designed Ultrasonic Cleaners Meet Medical Industry NeedsWhile medical devices must be cleaned to high standards, many conventional cleaning methods can’t be used in a medical environment. Cleaning with aggressive chemicals is unacceptable, and high-power cleaning methods such as pressure washing are likewise unsuitable. New cleaning methods are needed for sophisticated modern devices that incorporate sensors, screens, probes, and optical fibers.

In the past many medical devices were first cleaned manually and then cleaned and sterilized with steam in an autoclave. Manual cleaning is time-consuming and modern devices may contain heat-sensitive electronics. Custom-designed medical ultrasonic cleaners can handle stringent cleaning requirements and be configured to meet the cleaning needs of specific devices. Ultrasonic cleaning is an effective tool to complement and replace traditional methods of cleaning medical instruments.

Ultrasonic Cleaners Can Operate at Room Temperature

Traditional medical cleaning methods use steam to clean and sterilize equipment, but modern devices such as optical fibers, electronic sensors, and endoscopic instruments are heat sensitive. Casings for optical fibers can melt, and the fibers themselves can be damaged by excess heat. Electronics may suffer short circuits and fail. If steam cleaning is replaced by manual cleaning, the cleaning process becomes very time-consuming.

Ultrasonic cleaners work with plain water at room temperature. While heating the cleaning bath may speed up ultrasonic cleaning, it is not required for effective cleaning. Manual pre-cleaning is unnecessary, and no missed spots need attention after the ultrasonic cleaning process. Ultrasonic cleaners will clean quickly and entirely without supervision. This allows medical personnel to focus on other duties.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Intensity Can Be Adjusted to Match Device Requirements

Since medical devices can withstand varying degrees of cleaning intensity, ultrasonic cleaners must be configured to match device fragility. Parts such as implants or surgical tools can withstand more intensive cleaning than delicate sensors or probes. Some devices may be comparatively rugged but have soft coatings or plating. Cleaning these devices may take longer, but the ultrasonic cleaner can be adjusted to deliver the cleaning intensity suitable for the device.

The cleaning intensity of ultrasonic cleaners depends on the frequency. The lowest frequencies, around 20 kHz, will deliver a powerful cleaning action that cleans quickly but can damage delicate parts and cause pitting in soft surfaces. Higher frequencies clean more gently. The highest frequencies in the megahertz range can clean even the most delicate parts without damage. An experienced manufacturer of medical ultrasonic cleaners can help you choose the correct configuration for specific medical devices.

Kaijo’s Medical Ultrasonic Cleaners Deliver Superior Cleaning Performance

Kaijo’s medical ultrasonic cleaners are designed to clean medical devices effectively. Even hard-to-clean parts with hinges, holes, crevices, and interior spaces can be cleaned thoroughly. The clean devices are safe for use on patients and in invasive medical procedures. When a disinfectant is added to the ultrasonic cleaning bath, devices and instruments will be clean and sterile.

Kaijo works closely with customers in the medical field to ensure that their medical ultrasonic cleaners meet their needs. All of Kaijo’s systems are designed and built in-house and can therefore be customized to meet specific requirements. This in-house expertise allows Kaijo to provide unparalleled customer service and support.

Kaijo Provides Expert Guidance and Support

As a leading ultrasonic cleaner manufacturer with over 60 years of experience, Kaijo helps medical industry customers select the right ultrasonic cleaner for their requirements. Cleaners may be for specific uses, such as endoscopes, or they can be used for cleaning various surgical instruments. Ultrasonic cleaners can operate at more than one frequency and different options can increase their flexibility. Kaijo offers ultrasonic cleaning systems and components from their complete line of ultrasonic cleaners. Contact Kaijo for expert guidance and support in using ultrasonic cleaners for your specific medical application.