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How Ultrasonic Cleaners Effectively Clean Plastic Molds

December 8, 2020

How Ultrasonic Cleaners Effectively Clean Plastic MoldsWhen plastic molds are hard to clean, ultrasonic cleaning offers a solution that combines superior cleaning performance with fast cleaning action. Traditional cleaning methods such as manual scrubbing are labor-intensive and often miss contaminants in hard-to-reach places. Ultrasonic cleaning removes contaminants completely, everywhere the cleaning solution can penetrate. When the ultrasonic cleaning system is configured properly for the application, cleaning takes place quickly without leaving any residue. Using ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning plastic molds is an environmentally friendly method that improves production line performance.

Ultrasonic Bubbles Clean without Abrasion or Chemicals

Ultrasonic cleaning systems generate microscopic cavitation bubbles in a tank that contains a cleaning solution. The bubbles form and collapse in tune with the ultrasonic frequency, dislodging dirt and impurities from the surfaces to be cleaned. The cavitation bubbles clean wherever the cleaning solution is present, even in tiny mold structures such as ejector pin holes, cooling channels and vent paths. The bubbles clean thoroughly and completely, without any monitoring or supervision. Operators can set a timer and come back later to remove the clean molds.

Because ultrasonic systems rely on the bubbles for cleaning, no strong chemicals are required. Customers can make substantial savings by eliminating costs for the acquisition, storage, handling and disposing of aggressive chemicals. The ultrasonic systems create no waste that is dangerous for the environment and workplace safety is increased. For hard-to-remove mold contamination, a mild detergent can be added to the cleaning solution to speed up the cleaning process. When contaminants include oily or greasy deposits, heating the cleaning solution can improve cleaning performance. An experienced supplier of ultrasonic cleaning systems can help select an appropriate detergent and determine the ideal operating temperature.

Choice of Frequency and Power is Critical for High Performance

To ensure the ultrasonic system cleans as expected, it’s important to choose the right ultrasonic frequency. Low frequencies create comparatively large bubbles and deliver a more powerful cleaning action. For higher frequencies, the bubbles are smaller and the cleaning is gentler. If the frequency is too low, the energetic bubbles may cause pitting of the mold surface or damage intricate structures. If the frequency is too high, cleaning time is increased and cleaning performance may suffer.

Selecting an adequate power level for the cleaning application is also important for optimal cleaning. The ultrasonic system needs to have enough power to fill the cleaning tank with ultrasonic waves. Depending on the size of tank, several built in or immersible ultrasonic transducers may be required and the ultrasonic generator must have enough power to operate them. Ultrasonic cleaners can deliver the best cleaning performance of any cleaning method, but they have to be designed to match the cleaning application and the right system parameters have to be carefully selected.

Kaijo Can Provide the Ideal Ultrasonic System for Any Mold Cleaning Application

The ultrasonic experts at Kaijo work closely with customers to make sure they get the ultrasonic cleaners they need and that the systems deliver optimal cleaning performance. As a leading ultrasonic cleaner manufacturer, Kaijo can analyze a customer’s application, recommend system parameters such as frequency and power, and configure the system to satisfy customer needs.

With its extensive experience in ultrasonic cleaning technology, Kaijo can select ultrasonic frequencies that don’t damage the plastic molds but still clean quickly and effectively. The company can determine the power requirements for even large tanks that can clean entire molds and it can advise on cleaning solution temperature, cleaning cycle times and detergent use. Backed up by its complete line of ultrasonic cleaning systems and components, Kaijo can supply the best ultrasonic cleaner to meet a customer’s specific application requirements.