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How Ultrasonic Cleaners Improve Business Profitability

October 18, 2022

How Ultrasonic Cleaners Improve Business ProfitabilityWhile ultrasonic cleaners represent a significant investment, they can save money and improve the overall performance operations of the business. The cleaning performance of ultrasonic cleaners is often superior to that of traditional cleaning methods. Depending on the business processes involved, ultrasonic cleaners may increase workplace safety and reduce costs. Compliance with environmental regulations is often easier, and the business’s environmental footprint may be reduced. While not all these factors directly impact business profitability, many indirectly affect how the business performs. A business that saves money by reducing direct costs and costs for items such as environmental compliance is likely to increase its profitability.

Savings from Reduced Cleaning Times Can Increase Profits

Ultrasonic cleaning systems clean more quickly than conventional cleaning methods when configured correctly. If the right frequency, power, and settings are selected, ultrasonic cleaners work quickly, safely, and without supervision. Operators can place the parts in the cleaning tank, set a timer, and come back later to remove completely cleaned parts.

The savings in time come from the faster cleaning action of the ultrasonic systems and because no additional cleaning or rinsing is required before or after the ultrasonic cleaning. Many traditional cleaning methods rely on pre-rinsing or removal of rough dirt before cleaning and manual touch-ups afterward. They often require lengthy soaking as well. All these time-consuming steps don’t apply with ultrasonic cleaning. The systems clean parts quickly and completely, often in as little as ten minutes.

Ease of Use Can Reduce Training and Integration Costs

The use of ultrasonic cleaners is intuitive and does not require special training. There are no requirements for part preparation, bath mixing, or work after cleaning. The parts are simply placed in the cleaning tank that contains a solution. The solution can be plain water, but a mild detergent can sometimes improve cleaning performance. When the cleaning cycle is finished, the parts are completely clean.

The simple and brief ultrasonic cleaning process is easy to integrate into the production workflow. When parts are ready to be cleaned, operators can start the cleaning process. While cleaning is timed, operators can return any time after the cleaning is complete and take the clean parts for further processing, packaging, or shipping.

Cleaning Performance and Consistency Can Improve Output Quality

For many cleaning applications, part cleanliness is essential, but it isn’t easy to get parts completely clean with traditional methods. Dirt in hard-to-reach places and stubborn contamination may have to be cleaned by hand, but the consistency of results may vary. Residues after cleaning and a lack of consistent cleaning often impact output quality.

Ultrasonic cleaning systems can deliver consistent and complete cleaning. The microscopic cavitation bubbles the system produces dislodge contaminants everywhere the cleaning solution can penetrate. Ultrasonic cleaners completely remove dirt inside crevices, threaded holes, seams, and inside tubes. With the right frequency, power and timing, the ultrasonic cleaner will consistently deliver completely clean parts.

Eliminating the Use of Cleaning Chemicals Directly Reduces Operating Costs

Because ultrasonic cleaning systems use plain water and small amounts of detergent, the use of expensive chemicals is eliminated. This cost reduction is in addition to savings from lower storage and disposal costs. Peripheral costs from the operation with hazardous chemicals may also be reduced. When all the cost reductions from a switch to ultrasonic cleaning are calculated, the impact on business profitability can be substantial.

Kaijo Provides Expert Help Guidance to Customers

Kaijo helps customers use ultrasonic systems to improve their business operations and profitability. As one of the leading ultrasonic equipment manufacturers, Kaijo can recommend ultrasonic cleaners that improve efficiency and save money for many industrial cleaning applications. Contact Kaijo for a free consultation to discuss your specific cleaning requirements.