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Ultrasonic Cleaners Provide Green Industrial Cleaning

November 26, 2018

How ultrasonic cleaners provide green industrial cleaningIndustrial ultrasonic cleaners rely on the mechanical scrubbing action of microscopic cavitation bubbles to remove contaminants from the surfaces of parts to be cleaned. As a result, the systems don’t need to use harsh chemicals to soften and dissolve surface contaminants. Instead, ultrasonic cleaners work quickly to clean contaminants from all kinds of surfaces and eliminate soaking, pressure washing and mechanical scrubbing. As chemicals and their safe handing increase in cost, industrial ultrasonic cleaners provide an opportunity for substantial savings while reducing negative environmental effects.

Ultrasonic Vs. Traditional Cleaning Methods

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning systems consist of an ultrasonic generator, a transducer and a cleaning tank. The generator produces the ultrasonic signal and the transducer changes it to sound waves when it is immersed in the cleaning solution. Cavitation bubbles form in the low-pressure troughs of the sound waves and collapse in the high-pressure peaks. When a bubble collapses next to the surface to be cleaned, it releases a burst of energy that dislodges contaminants from the surface. The cleaning method is completely safe, environmentally friendly and does not require the use of chemicals. A ten to twenty minute cleaning time is often enough.

In contrast, traditional cleaning methods rely on the action of harsh chemicals to clean parts and components. Depending on the cleaning application, an acid or strong solvent is used to dissolve the contaminants in question and remove the bulk of the dirt from surfaces to be cleaned. Often several baths are necessary and manual removal of some of the dirt is sometimes required. The process takes a lot of time and uses lots of chemicals and water. After the parts are clean, the chemical waste has to be neutralized and disposed of in an acceptable manner. Increasingly stringent health and safety standards, for example for ventilation, add to the cost of the traditional cleaning process.

Advantages of Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners

The inherent advantages of the ultrasonic cleaning process include rapid cleaning and the ability to clean inaccessible places. The adoption of ultrasonic cleaning also provides a safer, healthier workplace and a greener, and more environmentally friendly operation. Both of these aspects provide cost advantages.

In addition to no longer having to purchase chemicals, the extensive chemical handling infrastructure can be eliminated. Harsh and toxic chemicals have special storage requirements and spills can be expensive. Chemical mixing and delivery to the cleaning tanks is hazardous and the corresponding systems are costly. Large quantities of water are required for washing parts between baths and for diluting the chemicals. Finally, chemical waste has to be treated with more chemicals and disposal of the neutralized waste is expensive as well. Traditional industrial cleaning methods are neither green nor safe and meeting environmental and safety regulations in the future will only become more difficult.

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning systems don’t use any chemicals and only occasionally use mild detergents and heat to soften contaminants and make them easier to remove. The systems operate within a completely safe working environment and no special safety measures are required. Water use is limited and wastewater can be disposed of without special neutralization or treatment. The ultrasonic cleaning process is both green and safe.

Kaijo’s Product Line of Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners

Kaijo’s ultrasonic cleaners are designed to provide a versatile solution so customers can meet the needs of their specific cleaning applications. The company can make recommendations for ultrasonic frequency, system power and type of transducer and propose specific equipment from the complete line of ultrasonic cleaning products. Systems can be turnkey, individual components or retrofitted for existing cleaning tanks. In every case, Kaijo’s ultrasonic cleaning systems will deliver superior cleaning performance in an environmentally friendly and safe fashion. Contact Kaijo for a free consultation or quote on selecting the right system for any industrial cleaning application.