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Using Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners to Effectively Clean Laboratory Instruments

November 29, 2016

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners for Laboratory InstrumentsIndustrial ultrasonic cleaners are widely used in industry to clean parts and components rapidly and effectively. The systems outperform conventional cleaning methods and reduce the use of chemicals and other consumables. Ultrasonic technology represents an advanced cleaning solution that can remove contaminants from a variety of materials and that can be adjusted to deliver robust or delicate cleaning action. As such, ultrasonic cleaning systems are ideally suited for cleaning instruments in the lab.

How Ultrasonic Technology Cleans Instruments

Ultrasonic cleaning systems are made up of ultrasonic generators, transducers and cleaning tanks or containers. The generators produce the ultrasonic signal and the transducers change the signal into ultrasonic waves in the cleaning liquid. The waves produce the microscopic cavitation bubbles responsible for cleaning action in the cleaning solution.

As an ultrasonic wave passes through the liquid, it generates bubbles between the compression peaks and collapses the bubbles within the peaks. This creation and collapsing of tiny bubbles produces an intense scrubbing action that removes contaminants from the lab instrument surfaces.

Low frequencies produce larger bubbles and more robust cleaning action while high frequencies have smaller bubbles for a more gentle cleaning of delicate instruments. If a variety of lab instruments have to be cleaned, the ultrasonic system frequency can be adjusted to suit the particular cleaning application.

Advantages in the Laboratory

Ultrasonic cleaning is an advanced cleaning solution that works quickly, cleans completely and is environmentally friendly. Conventional mechanical washing and cleaning with solvents is slow and often leaves a residue. The disposal of non-biodegradable solvents may pose difficulties and the washing process may damage delicate instruments. Ultrasonic cleaning addresses all these issues effectively.

Tabletop turnkey systems are easy to use and are often large enough for lab use. The bubble action can be adjusted to remove contaminants and leave the surface of the instrument clean but unaffected. The ultrasonic waves clean odd shapes, holes and hard-to-reach places easily because the bubbles penetrate wherever there is liquid. Industrial ultrasonic cleaners work in water but can clean more rapidly if mild solvents are added. In either case, cleaning is quicker than with conventional methods.

Kaijo Phenix III Turnkey Ultrasonic Cleaning System

The Kaijo Phenix III turnkey ultrasonic cleaner is a cost-effective solution for general purpose cleaning of laboratory instruments. It operates at 26 kHz or 38 kHz and is made up of an ultrasonic generator and a stainless steel tank with an integrated transducer. It is ideal for cleaning material made of glass, porcelain, ceramics, plastics, and metals and can deliver up to 1200 W.

The generator measures about 14 x 18 inches and is about 6.5 inches high. Available tanks measure from 14 to 22 inches long, 10 to 20 inches wide and up to 18 inches high. As a result, the unit can be used on a desktop or a lab bench. Inside dimensions of the tank are slightly less but the tanks can all accommodate instruments of 12 to 18 inches long.

Kaijo’s Quava Mini Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

The Quava Mini is a smaller but more versatile ultrasonic system that can produce frequencies from 26 kHz to 160 kHz at a variable power of up to 100 W. The tanks are approximately 6-inch cubes with inside dimensions of about 4 x 4 x 6 inches. With its small size and range of frequencies, the Quava Mini is ideal for a wide variety of cleaning jobs including the cleaning of small and delicate lab instruments at higher frequencies for gentle cleaning action.

In addition to these two turnkey systems, Kaijo offers a range of ultrasonic cleaning equipment and can help laboratories select the systems or components that best meet their needs. Kaijo’s ultrasonic cleaners can help laboratories with cleaning solutions that are convenient, save time and deliver improved cleaning performance. If you would like a free consultation or quote on using an ultrasonic cleaner for your lab instruments call Kaijo or email info@kaijo-shibuya.com.