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New Methodology for Megasonic Cleaning of Flat Panel Glass

May 24, 2022

While ultrasonic systems deliver excellent cleaning performance, large flat panels are difficult to clean completely, even if placed in an oversized ultrasonic cleaning tank. Large tanks may have problems with even cleaning and with the circulation of the cleaning solution. To address this problem Kaijo has developed a new method for cleaning and handling large flat panel glass. Cleaning effectiveness remains high but an over-sized ultrasonic cleaning tank is no longer required.

Large Flat Panels Need to Meet High Cleaning Standards

When a glass panel is too large to fit into a standard ultrasonic cleaning tank, using a custom tank that is large enough may satisfy some cleaning applications, but high cleaning standards may not be met. Large tanks need more than one ultrasonic transducer and the even distribution of the ultrasonic sound waves can be a challenge. While the sound waves can pass through the glass, the panels may impede the smooth circulation of the cleaning solution.

For cleaning applications requiring the removal of the smallest particles, down to less than one micron, precise high-frequency megasonic cleaning technology is required. A highly focused megasonic cleaning methodology delivers the high-performance cleaning required using a new configuration to eliminate the disadvantages of placing large flat panels into a cleaning tank.

Kaijo Combines the Quava Generator with a New Linear Transducer

Kaijo’s new QUAVA US Shower AD Megasonic Transducer with the Quava Megasonic cleaning generator can clean large flat glass panels in a continuous cleaning action that doesn’t require a cleaning tank. The linear transducer can handle panels up to 3 m and the generator can operate at 450 kHz, 750 kHz, or 950 kHz. This combination delivers excellent cleaning performance and can clean microscopic particles from glass panels to prepare them for further processing.

The QUAVA US Shower AD Megasonic Transducers can operate as stand-alone megasonic cleaning systems or they can be integrated into a conveyor belt type manufacturing process for rapid throughput and consistent results. The new transducer uses forty percent less water than Kaijo’s previous model, the US Shower Transducer/Megasonic Cleaner, but delivers an improved cleaning performance. The new model comes in standard lengths and can be customized for specific lengths up to 3 m. If used with smaller pieces, several glass panels can be lined up next to each other and cleaned simultaneously.

Using a Linear Transducer with Different Oscillation Modes

The new linear transducer can clean panels that are completely flat as well as panels with slight contours or holes. In the liquid contact mode, the transducer maintains a film of liquid between the bottom of the transducer and the panels. The liquid contact time for the panel is longer and less power is required. The shower mode is for panels that are not completely flat or for panels with holes. The contact time with the cleaning liquid is shorter and more power is required for an equivalent cleaning result.

The Quava megasonic generator can operate in two oscillation modes. The PLL (phase lock loop) mode is self-tuning and is the most commonly used mode. In “A” mode or sweep mode, the frequency alternates between frequencies slightly higher and slightly lower than the nominal frequency. This variation avoids having a standing wave in the cleaning liquid, which can produce concentrations of cavitation bubbles in some spots, leading to uneven cleaning. In “B” mode, the ultrasonic waves stop periodically to let the cavitation bubbles collapse. Kaijo’s specialists can provide expert guidance on which mode is best used for a particular cleaning application.

Kaijo Provides the Best Solution to Meet Large Flat Panel Cleaning Needs

As a leader in the field of megasonic and ultrasonic cleaning technology, Kaijo can draw on in-house expertise to find the best solutions to customer cleaning applications. The QUAVA US Shower AD Megasonic Transducer and Quava megasonic generator can deliver cleaning performance and can be customized to match customer cleaning needs. Megasonic cleaning systems can effectively clean large flat panels to the standards required and Kaijo can ensure that the equipment performs as expected. Contact Kaijo for a free consultation to discuss your specific cleaning application.