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The Benefits of Using Ultrasonic Cleaners in Industrial Parts Washing

February 5, 2020

Industrial ultrasonic cleaners can efficiently clean a variety of parts, delivering excellent cleaning performance while reducing costs. The mechanical scrubbing action of microscopic cavitation bubbles produced by the ultrasonic cleaning system cleans rapidly. It removes contaminants from the surfaces of parts made of varying materials and with many different shapes. Such cleaning takes place without the use of harsh chemicals, the cleaning solution being either plain water or water with a mild detergent. The transition from chemicals-based cleaning to the use of industrial ultrasonic cleaners can produce a range of benefits.

How Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners Produce Many Different Parts Washing Benefits

Traditional parts washing stations use expensive solvents and labor-intensive processes in a working environment characterized by the presence of hazardous chemicals. Switching to industrial ultrasonic cleaners can deliver substantial benefits for the parts washing operation. Such benefits can include the following:

1. Smaller Environmental Footprint

Toxic chemicals used for parts washing have to be neutralized and can still harm the environment after disposal. The use of ultrasonic cleaners is a green method of parts washing that uses only water or mild detergents that don’t need special disposal.

2. Increased Worker Safety

Harsh cleaning chemicals require special handling and spills or fumes can be dangerous for workers. Ultrasonic cleaning can be initiated without special procedures using a completely safe process and can be left unsupervised until a preset timer switches it off.

3. Higher Throughput

Ultrasonic cleaning operates more quickly than traditional cleaning methods in most situations. Cleaning speed relies on the correct choice of ultrasonic frequency, cleaning power, cleaning solution temperature and the proper choice of detergent. An experienced supplier of industrial ultrasonic cleaners can help with the selection of appropriate system components.

4. Improved Cleaning Performance

The microscopic cavitation bubbles produced by the ultrasonic cleaners appear everywhere throughout the cleaning solution. Their scrubbing action removes contaminants in hard-to-reach places such as in holes, in crevices, along cracks and inside tanks and reservoirs. Even delicate parts with complex shapes are cleaned completely.

5. Cost Savings

Operating costs are lower because expensive chemicals no longer have to be purchased, stored, handled and neutralized. The operating costs of ultrasonic cleaners are extremely low because they use only plain water and mild detergents. With ultrasonic cleaners, there are no compliance costs for the use and disposal of toxic chemicals and for hazardous working environment worker safety regulations

6. Improved Output and Part Longevity

When parts are cleaned completely they last longer and perform better. Traditional cleaning can’t reach inaccessible places and can leave dirt that may contaminate processing. The parts themselves may suffer damage if contaminants are left on surfaces. Ultrasonic cleaners remove all surface impurities down to the base material resulting in cleaner processes and improved parts life.

Transitioning to ultrasonic cleaning for parts washing can improve overall facility performance and profitability while presenting a clean and green image. A key factor for the success of such a transition is to get an ultrasonic cleaning system whose characteristics match the requirements of the cleaning application. The correct ultrasonic frequency, power and system configuration are important for obtaining top cleaning performance. Using an experienced supplier to help with the change to ultrasonic cleaning ensures that customers get the benefits they want.

Kaijo has over 70 years of experience with ultrasonic technology and its product line of industrial ultrasonic cleaners ranges from the lowest to the highest frequencies and from small desktop units to large custom installations. The company offers free consultations to clients changing to ultrasonic cleaning systems and can provide solutions from their full line of products. Involving Kaijo in the transition from traditional parts washing to ultrasonic cleaning helps deliver the cleaning performance needed and the expected benefits.