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Top Automotive Parts Cleaned with an Ultrasonic Cleaning System

June 9, 2020

Top Automotive Parts Cleaned with an Ultrasonic Cleaning SystemMost automotive parts can be cleaned quickly and completely with an ultrasonic cleaning system. The microscopic bubbles created in the cleaning solution by the ultrasonic waves deliver a powerful scrubbing action that removes contaminants from part surfaces and dislodges residues. Top parts suitable for ultrasonic cleaning include cylinder heads, fuel injectors, carburetors, brake cylinders and differentials. Such parts either have to be cleaned prior to re-building or machining or they may need heavy deposits removed. In either case, ultrasonic systems can clean parts completely, even removing deposits from inside cracks and other hard-to-access places.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Saves Time and Money

Traditional cleaning methods use harsh chemicals and manual or mechanical scrubbing to remove heavy deposits and contamination from automotive parts. Parts may have to be soaked for extended periods and scrubbing takes time and may damage surfaces. Chemicals are expensive as is the manpower needed to clean the parts.

When using an ultrasonic cleaning system, the parts to be cleaned are submerged in the cleaning solution and the system cleans unattended. Cleaning that normally takes hours can be completed in as little as ten or fifteen minutes. For heavy deposits of hardened oil and grease, heating the cleaning solution softens the deposits and helps speed up the cleaning process. For oily contamination, a mild detergent helps remove the oil. No expensive chemicals are needed and parts do not require preliminary scrubbing.

Ultrasonic Systems Can Clean Delicate Carburetor Components

Carburetor jets, floats, valves and orifices can become coated with oil, fuel deposits or sludge. The tiny holes and complicated shapes are difficult to clean by hand but soaking only removes some of the dirt. Cleaning by hand is time-consuming and it is easy to damage the surface or precision holes of one of the components.

With ultrasonic cleaning, the components are placed in a basket and submerged in the cleaning tank. The system is switched on and can be placed on a timer. Otherwise, the operator can leave and come back when cleaning is completed to switch off the system and remove the clean components from the tank.

Fuel Injector Nozzles Can be Cleared with Ultrasonic Cleaning

Like carburetor components, fuel injectors can be soaked but still have to be cleaned manually to removed deposits and dirt from the nozzles. The microscopic bubbles produced by the ultrasonic waves act wherever cleaning solution is present. As a result, all contamination is removed from the insides of the nozzles down to the original bare metal.

Cylinder Heads can be Cleaned in Preparation for Testing and Re-Assembly

Cylinder heads often have carbon deposits and fuel varnish that have to be cleaned before re-assembly. Ultrasonic cleaners can remove such contaminants quickly and completely. Cleaning cylinder heads using traditional methods takes a lot of time while ultrasonic cleaning can prepare cylinder heads for dye-penetrating tests and subsequent re-assembly in about 40 minutes.

Parts from Differentials Can Be Cleaned Without Solvents

Dangerous solvents have to be used to remove gear oil from differentials and such solvents may leave residues. Ultrasonic cleaning results in completely clean differential casings and gears making it easy to insert new bearings and seals.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Safely Cleans Brake Cylinders

Before re-building brake cylinders, they have to be cleaned, with special attention to the machined surfaces. Cleaning these parts improperly can cause damage and may result in brake failure. With ultrasonic cleaning, machined surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned properly and other parts will be undamaged so brake function is not impaired.

Kaijo Can Supply Ultrasonic Systems for Automotive Applications

Kaijo’s ultrasonic cleaning systems and specialized components are ideally suited for automotive parts cleaning. The company has extensive experience in ultrasonic technology and can customize systems to meet specific customer needs. Kaijo works with clients to ensure that they use the proper frequency and power level for specific their part cleaning processes. Using ultrasonic cleaners for automotive parts saves time, reduces costs and improves the performance of re-built automotive systems.