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What Ultrasonic Transducers Do

July 19, 2016

What Ultrasonic Transducers Do in an Ultrasonic Cleaning SystemUltrasonic cleaning systems are made up of ultrasonic transducers, generators, and cleaning tanks. The transducers are submerged in the cleaning solution and take the electric signal from the generator to produce the cleaning action. As the electric ultrasonic frequency signal rises and falls, the transducer vibrates and generates compression waves in the cleaning solution. These compression waves produce the cavitation bubbles responsible for ultrasonic cleaning.

The immersion of the ultrasonic transducers in the cleaning solution can be carried out in two ways. The immersible transducers are self-contained, sealed units connected to the ultrasonic generators with a cable. They are placed in the tank containing the cleaning solution together with the object to be cleaned.

The bolt-on or mounted transducers are mounted at the bottom or on the sides of the cleaning tank. Systems with bolt-on or mounted transducers produce consistent cleaning results but changing a bolt-on or mounted transducer for one of with a different frequency takes more time than changing an immersible transducer.

Transducer Characteristics

Ultrasonic transducers must be resistant to erosion from the effects of the cavitation bubbles and must be able to operate submerged in cleaning solutions at high temperatures. Kaijo ultrasonic transducers are hermetically sealed in 316L stainless steel housing with a thick metal plate to transmit the sound waves to the cleaning liquid and avoid damage from cavitation over extended periods. The transducers can be used at temperatures of up to 100 degrees Centigrade for most transducers and up to 80 degrees Centigrade for the transducers operating at 1 MHz.

Immersible Transducers

Immersible ultrasonic transducers are available at ratings of up to 1200 W and at frequencies of 26kHz, 38kHz, 78kHz, 100kHz, 130kHz and 160kHz. They can be connected to any Kaijo ultrasonic generator and can be placed in existing tanks. Their ease of use and flexibility makes them ideal for facilities that have a wide variety of ultrasonic cleaning requirements.

Operators can place the object to be cleaned in a tank with an appropriate cleaning solution and insert one or several transducers with the desired frequency. The transducers can be placed in the tank either horizontally or vertically and cleaning can be varied to ensure optimum performance for a particular object and for the contamination to be removed or the type of cleaning required.

Bolt-on or Mounted Transducers

Bolt-on or Mounted ultrasonic transducers are available at ratings of up to 1200 W and at frequencies of 26kHz, 38kHz, 78kHz, 100kHz, 130kHz, 160kHz, 200kHz, 430kHz, 750kHz, and 950kHz. They are mounted at the bottom or on the sides of cleaning tanks or can be bolted onto the desired location on existing tanks. Kaijo ultrasonic transducers are compatible with the Kaijo Quava, Phenix Legend and Phenix III generators and they are available installed on Kaijo ultrasonic baths and tanks.

Bolt-on or mounted transducers are especially suited for manufacturing and laboratory facilities that have clearly defined ultrasonic cleaning needs. Kaijo can recommend a configuration that delivers top cleaning performance for a particular application. Frequency, tank size and number of transducers can be optimized for the specific cleaning requirements and the fixed transducer installation can deliver consistent cleaning results.

Whether the immersible or the fixed bolt-on or mounted transducers are the best solution for a particular application, Kaijo can propose a custom solution that delivers the optimum level cleaning without the degradation over time that can occur with other piezoelectric systems. Call 408 675-5575 or email info@kaijo-shibuya.com for a free consultation or quote on using an ultrasonic cleaning system for your application.