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What Are the Advantages of Turn-Key Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems?

September 10, 2019

The three major components of an ultrasonic cleaning system are the ultrasonic generator, the transducers and the cleaning tank. Customers can buy these components separately but they have to make sure the various characteristics and specifications match. If the frequencies, power, tank size and other variables are not chosen correctly, the performance of the system will suffer. Turn-key systems from reputable manufacturers are built with components that have the required characteristics. System design ensures that the selected components are matched correctly and together deliver the best performance.

Design Considerations for an Ultrasonic Cleaning System

In addition to the frequency, power and tank size, the type of controls, the tank material and the operating temperature should be considered. For general purpose cleaning, a low frequency such as 26 kHz or 38 kHz offers robust, powerful cleaning action for rugged components. A higher frequency such as 130 kHz or160 kHz provides more gentle cleaning for delicate parts.

The power and the number of transducers are determined by the size of the tank, which has to be large enough to hold the longest part to be cleaned. Control systems can operate in fixed frequency mode or allow frequency sweeps to produce even distribution of the ultrasonic waves. The controls also adjust the power. The tank material should be impervious to the cleaning solutions to be used and the tank and components in the tank should be able to withstand high temperatures if heating is required.

Ensuring a consistent application of these design considerations across the ultrasonic system components can be expensive and time-consuming.  Any mistakes will impact ultrasonic cleaning performance and may even damage the parts to be cleaned or system components themselves. A turn-key ultrasonic cleaning system such as the Kaijo Phenix III eliminates these potential problems.

Kaijo’s Phenix III Turn Key Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Kaijo’s Phenix III Turn Key ultrasonic cleaning system delivers general ultrasonic cleaning for a variety of industrial parts with cost-effective and reliable operation. The system is easy to use and offers flexible operating characteristics to satisfy the requirements of different cleaning applications. Standard tank sizes for different frequencies and powers are included in the turn-key system and custom tank sizes are available as well.

The Phenix III comes in 26 kHz and 38 kHz models and is available in 600 watts or 1200 watts versions. The control system can adjust the power in 10 percent steps and it can operate in fixed frequency or sweep mode. The 3 mm thick stainless steel tank helps deliver superior ultrasonic cleaning performance and is unaffected by the common detergents and mild solvents used in ultrasonic cleaning.

The transducers and the tank can withstand temperatures up to 100 degrees centigrade and remote operation is available. For additional flexibility, the single phase 50/60 Hz AC power supply is selectable for 200V, 208V, 230V or 240V. The unit draws 6A for the 600 W model and 10 A for the 1200 W model.

For general purpose cleaning of industrial parts, the Phenix III turn-key system is an ideal solution offering low total cost of ownership while delivering flexible, reliable operation and superior cleaning performance. Ultrasonic cleaning offers a more effective and complete cleaning solution than transitional mechanical or chemical cleaning methods. The use of a turn-key ultrasonic cleaning system such as the Phenix III also makes the change to ultrasonic technology much easier.

Kaijo’s Phenix Legend II Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Kaijo’s Turn Key ultrasonic cleaning systemcan also be used with the new Phenix Legend II generator which comes in 100 kHz, 130kHz and 160 kHz models and includes a1200 watts version.

The Phenix Legend II provides the following features:

  • Four selectable oscillation modes
  • Powerful 600 or 1200 watts maximum at Phenix Legend II Frequencies 100kHz, 130kHz or 160kHz
  • Automatic Frequency tracking
  • No field calibration is required after generator or transducer replacement
  • Programmable Soft Start and Soft Stop functions
  • One generator and transducer set may switched between 3 frequencies
  • All the functions of the Quava generator

Turn-Key Systems for Any Application

Kaijo manufactures a complete line of ultrasonic cleaning components and can assemble turn-key systems to meet the needs of any customer. With its extensive experience in ultrasonic cleaning technology, the company can design perfectly matched systems to deliver the best possible cleaning performance for any application. Call Kaijo for a free consultation to discuss your specific cleaning application requirements.