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Why is an Ultrasonic Cleaner Essential Equipment at a Medical Facility?

February 9, 2021

Why is an Ultrasonic Cleaner Essential Equipment at a Medical Facility?Because the advanced technology used in many modern medical instruments is heat-sensitive, these medical devices can’t be cleaned with high-pressure steam and sterilized in an autoclave. Parts such as electronics and optical fibers can be damaged when subjected to high temperatures, but manual cleaning at room temperature is not an ideal solution. Cleaning with brushes and wipes is time-consuming and not always effective for instruments with complex shapes.

Ultrasonic cleaners represent an excellent way for medical facilities to keep their high-tech instruments and devices clean and sterile. The high-frequency sound waves produced by medical ultrasonic cleaners remove contaminants and particles from part surfaces quickly and effectively. Organic matter and other contaminants are dislodged and can be rinsed away. If an approved disinfectant is added to the cleaning solution, the parts are sterilized as well. Medical personnel can place the devices and instruments into the ultrasonic cleaning tank, set a timer and come back later to remove the clean and sterile parts. In addition to superior cleaning performance, ultrasonic cleaning systems feature low operating costs and a completely safe cleaning process.

Ultrasonic Cleaners Can Clean Almost Any Medical Instrument or Device

Ultrasonic cleaners are essential for cleaning temperature-sensitive medical instruments and devices, but almost all other medical equipment cleaning needs can be fulfilled with properly designed ultrasonic cleaning systems as well. Medical facilities have different cleaning needs, including the following:

  • New instruments and devices. Parts such as implants or new equipment may have to be cleaned prior to use because they may be contaminated with manufacturing residue.
  • Medical equipment. Systems used for monitoring patients and other equipment used inside the patient’s room may be contaminated with pathogens and have to be cleaned.
  • Re-usable instruments and devices. Surgical tools and devices such as endoscopes have to be cleaned of organic matter from patient procedures.

Medical ultrasonic cleaners can provide highly effective cleaning and sterilizing solutions for these different tasks. In each case, the ultrasonic waves act wherever cleaning solution is present, even inside tubes and nozzles, around complex shapes such as lights and cameras, and along rough surfaces, hinges or fasteners. No manual pre-cleaning is needed and contaminant removal is reliable and complete.

Ultrasonic Systems Deliver Essential Cleaning and Additional Benefits

While ultrasonic cleaners fulfill an essential role in cleaning all the medical equipment that can’t be cleaned and sterilized with steam, they are also be used more generally. When used to clean most medical instruments and devices, they can deliver substantial benefits, including the following:

  • Improved cleaning. Hard-to-reach places on devices with complicated shapes often retain contamination even after sterilization. Such residues can cause infection. Ultrasonic cleaning removes all contamination, improving patient outcomes.
  • Reduced costs. Traditional cleaning methods include soaking in solvents and cleaning manually. Ultrasonic cleaning eliminates most solvent use and reduces time spent cleaning, saving money.
  • Increased safety. When surgical instruments and other sharp items are cleaned manually, medical personnel can suffer puncture wounds and cuts. With ultrasonic cleaning, manual scrubbing and wiping of sharp implements is eliminated.

The benefits from using ultrasonic cleaners specially configured for medical applications can result in better overall medical facility performance. With lower costs, fewer employee injuries and better patient results, medical facilities can improve key performance indicators.

An Experienced Manufacturer Can Ensure Cleaning Goals Are Achieved

To get the full benefits from using ultrasonic cleaners in a medical environment, the systems have to be configured to match the medical cleaning application. Kaijo has extensive experience with ultrasonic cleaning systems and can advise customers regarding the correct frequency, power, type of transducer and other system characteristics. Choosing the right system parameters is important for optimal cleaning, and Kaijo provides in house expertise to make sure the system works as expected and meets or surpasses the required cleaning and sterilizing performance.