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Why Kaijo’s WRS is Needed in Some Ultrasonic Cleaning Applications

August 18, 2022

Why Kaijo's WRS is Needed in some Ultrasonic Cleaning ApplicationsWhen ultrasonic cleaning is difficult due to stubborn contaminants or because the parts to be cleaned are made up of several different materials, an even distribution of cavitation bubbles can help. Optimized bubble formation and distribution can substantially increase cleaning intensity without creating more energetic bubbles that might damage part surfaces. Kaijo has developed the Water Resonance System (WRS) to treat the water used for ultrasonic cleaning. By using the WRS, the acoustic pressure of the ultrasonic waves in the bath is increased up to five times. The cavitation bubbles are evenly distributed in the treated water and cleaning efficiency is increased.

WRS Can Improve Cleaning Performance for Challenging Applications

While industrial ultrasonic cleaners can clean a wide variety of parts, certain kinds of cleaning applications can be difficult. Parts that contain sound-absorbing materials may create an uneven distribution of cavitation bubbles which results in inconsistent cleaning. Delicate parts may be heavily contaminated and suffer damage from ultrasonic cleaning at a lower frequency. Parts that contain soft materials may require cleaning with less energetic cavitation bubbles produced at higher frequencies.

The WRS can deliver more intense cleaning action while increasing cavitation bubble energy.  With WRS, ultrasonic cleaners can be effective for cleaning applications that otherwise would require other cleaning methods. Kaijo’s WRS increases the range of cleaning applications for which ultrasonic cleaning is the best solution.

WRS Treats the Cleaning Water to Facilitate the Action of the Cavitation Bubbles

The WRS is available in an inline model for re-circulating baths and in a once-through model where it is inserted in the water supply. The system conditions the water to improve cavitation bubble formation by treating dissolved gasses and optimizing the production of nuclei that produce the cavitation bubbles. Dissolved gasses can result in bubbles that are not active cleaning agents and that block the action of cavitation bubbles. Nuclei promote an even distribution of cavitation bubbles throughout the cleaning tank and help ensure even cleaning. With WRS, Kaijo’s standard ultrasonic cleaning systems operate more efficiently. It also provides the ability to clean inside objects such as cylinders where standard ultrasonics waves cannot completely reach.

Some Ultrasonic Cleaners Need WRS to Achieve the Required Cleaning Performance

Industrial ultrasonic cleaners represent an alternative cleaning method that is safe, environmentally friendly and in most cases performs better than other cleaning methods. For heavy organic contamination or stubborn films on delicate parts, standard ultrasonic cleaners sometimes fail to meet higher cleaning requirements. Cleaning with aggressive chemicals can clean such parts completely and sometimes represents a competitive alternative to ultrasonic cleaners.

With WRS, standard ultrasonic cleaners can deliver improved cleaning performance with 3-dimensional cavitation throughout the cleaning tank. When cleaning results are similar between ultrasonic cleaners and chemical baths, ultrasonic cleaners are the preferred solution. Chemical cleaning requires expensive chemicals and additional costs for safe storage and disposal. Regulatory compliance for hazardous chemicals is complicated and expensive. Measures to ensure worker safety and accident prevention add more costs.

Using Ultrasonics Provides a Better and Safer Cleaning Solution

In one customer case study, the use of hazardous toxic chemicals was needed to remove certain kinds of surface contamination on parts. When a standard ultrasonic cleaner was used with the WRS and deionized water (in the cleaning tank) the surface contamination on all of the parts was able to be completely removed. This eliminated the need to buy and use hazardous toxic chemicals and provided a much safer and environmentally friendly workplace. Workers are no longer exposed to toxic chemical fumes and there is no danger of accidental spills or leakage.

Kaijo’s Expertise in Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology

Kaijo is a world leader in the development and use of ultrasonic cleaning technology and provides expert guidance to customers in selecting the right systems and equipment.

The WRS is an excellent technology to improve the cleaning performance of standard ultrasonic cleaners. Kaijo’s state-of-the-art cleaning systems with the WRS can reduce the use of chemicals while delivering excellent cleaning results. Contact Kaijo for a free consultation to discuss your specific cleaning requirements.