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Why Large Processing Systems Incorporate Megasonic Cleaners

December 20, 2022

Why Large Processing Systems Incorporate Megasonic CleanersWhile periodic cleaning is part of many large processing systems, getting parts and components completely clean can be challenging. Conventional cleaning methods can involve time-consuming manual scrubbing or soaking in toxic chemicals. Parts and equipment may be easily damaged. Workers may be injured from manual cleaning methods or exposure to harmful chemicals.

Product quality can suffer when parts are not thoroughly cleaned before processes such as painting or plating. Poor cleaning of equipment can lead to failures or poor performance. Effective cleaning is critical for many processes, and traditional cleaning is often inconsistent and is becoming increasingly expensive. Megasonic cleaning systems address all these issues and represent an excellent solution for the cleaning required in large processing systems.

Megasonic Cleaners Deliver Substantial Benefits

When companies switch from traditional cleaning systems to megasonic cleaners, they can save money, improve output quality and provide a safer workplace. The operating costs of megasonic cleaners are low, and the process doesn’t require supervision. Megasonic cleaning is completely safe with an extremely low environmental impact. An experienced manufacturer of megasonic cleaners can make recommendations to ensure the changeover is easy and problem-free.

The primary sources of cost reductions are from reducing or eliminating the use of expensive chemicals and lower labor costs. Megasonic cleaners use water, sometimes with a mild detergent or solvent. No pre-soaking in aggressive chemicals is required, and no toxic chemicals are used during the cleaning process. Additional cost savings come from eliminating chemical handling, storage, and disposal.

Traditional cleaning methods often require manual pre-cleaning to remove heavy dirt or leftover contamination from previous processing. Hard-to-reach places take time to clean thoroughly, and residue may remain in cracks, holes, and crevices. Instead of spending time manually cleaning parts and equipment, operators can place the parts to be cleaned in the megasonic cleaning bath, set a timer, and return later to remove the clean parts. Substantial cost savings from reduced time spent on cleaning are among the significant benefits of megasonic cleaning.

It’s Easy to Incorporate Megasonic Cleaners into Larger Processing Systems

Megasonic cleaning systems are self-contained and don’t require special handling or safety measures. This means that megasonic cleaners can easily be integrated into processing lines at the points where cleaning is needed. Because megasonic cleaning takes less time than traditional methods and delivers better cleaning performance, process line timing and operation are not disrupted.

Kiajo has extensive experience developing megasonic cleaning systems for various industrial applications. The megasonic systems Kaijo provides are often incorporated into larger systems for semiconductor manufacturing, flat panel displays, and other manufacturing operations. Kaijo has built on this experience to develop flexible high-performance megasonic cleaners that can satisfy the cleaning requirements of various processes.

Companies like Modutek that manufacture wet bench stations for semiconductors have incorporated megasonic cleaners into their automated systems. They have found that megasonic cleaning is faster and provides better results. Benefits derived from the reduced use of chemicals are especially important because of increasing regulations and costs. For semiconductor manufacturing the cleanliness of silicon wafers is especially important. Megasonic cleaners can strip contaminants from wafer surfaces and significantly reduce the amount of contaminating particles. A lower particle count improves yield and output quality.

Kaijo Can Help with Megasonic Cleaning Solutions

Kaijo works closely with equipment manufacturers to develop cleaning solutions and evaluate cleaning performance. The systems that Kaijo provides include the US Shower megasonic cleaner and the new Quava US shower called US shower AD. These systems can be customized to meet specific customer needs. For new customers who want to use megasonic cleaners, Kaijo can recommend the right system and configuration to ensure their cleaning requirements are met. When companies incorporate megasonic cleaning in their large processing systems, their overall process performance and output quality will improve. Contact Kaijo for a free consultation to discuss your specific requirements.