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Why Medical Equipment Manufacturers Use Ultrasonic Cleaning

May 20, 2020

why medical manufacturers use ultrasonic cleaningMedical equipment has to be cleaned to the highest standards while making sure that the cleaning process does not damage medical equipment components. Commonly used sterilization techniques such as steaming will cause electronics to fail and mechanical scrubbing can damage delicate parts. Specialized medical ultrasonic cleaners effectively remove surface contaminants quickly and completely. If the right frequency is used, components and parts are cleaned without damage. Complementing other sanitary medical practices, ultrasonic cleaning is an all-purpose method for removing contamination from a wide variety of manufactured medical components.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Removes All Traces of Contamination

Ultrasonic cleaning relies on microscopic cavitation bubbles that are generated in the cleaning solution from ultrasonic sound waves generated by a medical ultrasonic transducer. The bubbles are created in low-pressure areas and they collapse as the pressure rises again. Their collapse produces a tiny energetic jet of cleaning solution that dislodges surface dirt when it hits the part to be cleaned.

The energy of the microscopic jets depends on the ultrasonic frequency. Low frequencies generate comparatively large bubbles, high-energy jets and robust cleaning action. Higher frequencies produce smaller bubbles that provide more gentle cleaning. Depending on the hardness of the part surface and the type of contamination, the frequency can be chosen to clean as quickly as possible without damaging the part surface.

Because the microscopic bubbles and the resulting jets are active wherever the cleaning solution is present, parts with complex shapes, dead-end holes and interior hollows can be cleaned completely. The jets dislodge and remove all dirt particles and contamination and the result is a completely clean part surface.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Can Help Reduce Contamination of Medical Testing Equipment

Medical equipment used for testing and analysis has to be free from contamination if the results are to be accurate. Equipment such as specimen collection systems, complex analyzers and molecular testing systems rely on completely clean sampling tools, containers and analytic devices. Many of the components are delicate and have to be handled carefully and many contain hard-to-reach places that are difficult to clean manually.

An ultrasonic cleaner can be configured with the right frequency and power to completely clean different medical system parts and components without damage. Crevices, cracks, hinges and sample collectors can be cleaned quickly and effectively. Different components can be cleaned together in a single bath and the ultrasonic cleaning does not leave any residue.

Patient-Facing Equipment Can Be Cleaned with a Medical Ultrasonic Cleaner

Equipment such as drug delivery systems or respiratory ventilation has to be completely clean before use with a patient. Ultrasonic cleaning can remove all impurities from component surfaces and make sure that the equipment is completely clean. When parts have to be sterile and when the equipment can’t be treated with heat, ultrasonic cleaning with a disinfectant solution can kill and remove bacteria. Adding a disinfectant to the ultrasonic cleaning solution retains the particle-removal function of the cleaning method while sterilizing equipment surfaces.

Medical Research Equipment Can Be Cleaned with Ultrasonic Cleaners

Equipment used for medical research has to be clean to give reliable and reproducible results. This is especially true of the components that come into contact with research materials such as genetic code molecules or pathogens. Many of these containers and components are difficult to clean and contaminants from the manufacturing and assembly process could influence research results. A medical ultrasonic cleaner can deliver effective cleaning so that no foreign substances remain on the equipment. Ultrasonic cleaning is ideally suited to making sure the medical research equipment is completely clean before use.

Kaijo Supplies Specialized Ultrasonic Cleaners to the Medical Manufacturing Industry

With unparalleled experience and extensive in house expertise in ultrasonic technology, Kaijo can design and manufacture specialized equipment for unique industrial applications. Kaijo supplies medical ultrasonic cleaners to the medical manufacturing industry and has been able to meet the requirements for medical equipment including systems for testing, for patient use and for research. Kaijo’s specialized medical ultrasonic cleaners provide superior cleaning performance when compared to traditional cleaning methods and the ultrasonic cleaners are of the highest quality with excellent reliability.