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How Ultrasonic Cleaners Reduce Labor Costs and Improve Employee Safety

July 9, 2020

How Ultrasonic Cleaners Reduce Labor Costs and Improve Employee SafetyUltrasonic cleaners are a fast and safe way to clean a variety of parts without expensive and hazardous chemicals or mechanical scrubbing. The process is faster than traditional cleaning methods and cleaning performance is improved because even complicated shapes and hard-to-access areas can be cleaned effectively. Workplaces are safer and production lines can have a higher throughput and better output quality. The application of ultrasonic cleaning technology can improve overall facility performance while reducing costs.

Ultrasonic Cleaners Save Time and Money

Ultrasonic cleaners work more quickly than traditional cleaning methods and they work using only a cleaning solution of plain water or a solution with a mild detergent. This means that substantial savings are possible, both on manpower and in the use of dangerous chemicals. Overall operating costs are lower while productivity and output quality improve.

Ultrasonic cleaning technology involves the generation of microscopic cavitation bubbles by channeling ultrasonic sound waves through water. When the bubbles burst, they direct small but powerful jets of liquid at the surface of the part to be cleaned. These jets dislodge foreign material from the part surfaces and deliver highly effective cleaning action. No chemical soaking or manual scrubbing is required.

The ultrasonic cleaning process not only works more quickly than traditional cleaning methods, it also reduces the time employees have to spend on cleaning. Normally parts to be cleaned with heavy contamination have to be soaked in chemicals for an extended period. The parts then have to be manually scrubbed or pressure washed with extra time spent to deal with hard-to-clean areas. This procedure consumes a lot of process time as well as employee time.

With ultrasonic cleaners, the operator places the parts to be cleaned in the cleaning tank, sets a timer and walks away to do other work. Ultrasonic technology is completely safe and does not need monitoring. In addition to reduced costs on manpower, there are additional savings because no expensive chemicals have to be purchased and there is no hazardous chemical storage, handling or disposal to be carried out. The lack of chemical use not only reduces costs substantially but it results in a much more environmentally friendly operation.

The Use of Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology Makes the Workplace Safer

With traditional cleaning methods, toxic and hazardous chemicals are required to dissolve and soften contaminants on the surfaces of parts to be cleaned. Parts are soaked in the chemicals and the contamination can then be removed manually. The use of such chemicals requires extensive safety precautions and human error can easily lead to accidental chemical spills or employee injuries.

Ultrasonic cleaners don’t use any harsh chemicals. The process is completely safe so that no special safety precautions are required and human errors have benign outcomes. The basic cleaning configuration uses plain water as the cleaning solution. For oily or greasy residues, a mild detergent added to the water will speed up the cleaning process. For hard, baked-on grime, heating the cleaning solution can soften the contaminant and make cleaning easier and faster. At no point are dangerous materials introduced into the cleaning process and the workplace remains much safer than with traditional cleaning methods.

Kaijo Designs and Builds Safe Ultrasonic Cleaners with Low Operating Costs

Kaijo’s ultrasonic parts cleaners are designed for complete safety and a low total cost of ownership. The company offers free consultation to ensure customers get the systems they need. When replacing traditional cleaning equipment with ultrasonic cleaning systems, workplace safety increases dramatically and overall operating costs are greatly decreased. Kaijo’s experience in the field of ultrasonic technology helps customers use cleaning systems that deliver the expected results.